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As Part of The Agreement, Disney (dis) Channels Will Remain on You Tube Tv.

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It’s been several months since YouTube and Disney have been negotiating to keep Disney’s channels on YouTube TV.
There is unfortunately no agreement between the two companies. Currently, no Disney-owned channels are available on YouTube TV due to the expiration of the existing agreement. As a result, the monthly subscription price for YouTube TV has dropped significantly. Here are the channels that YouTube TV has lost and what it means for you.

How Many Channels Has YouTube Tv Dropped?

The following live channels will no longer be available to stream on YouTube TV as of December 17, 2021:

In addition, the 4K Plus add-on includes any recordings made from these channels.

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Why Are Disney Channels No Longer Available on YouTube Tv?

It’s “upsetting news” to lose YouTube TV, the company writes in a blog post announcing the loss. On December 13, YouTube announced publicly that the two companies had yet to reach an agreement, but that Disney was an important partner. The writing was on the wall.

Apparently, Disney wasn’t interested in playing ball at the time. To get access to Disney’s content, for the time being, you’ll have to pay $13.99 per month for a subscription to The Disney Bundle through Disney itself.

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YouTube Tv Has Been Reduced in Price.

The monthly cost of YouTube TV has been reduced by $15 as a result of the loss of so many important channels. As long as the Disney channels aren’t available, Base Plan customers will be charged $49.99 per month instead of $64.99 per month for the foreseeable future.

There’s nothing you need to do if that is the case for you. Each month, you’ll receive $15 in account credit, which will be applied to your bill automatically. Settings > Billing will only show this credit after the current billing cycle has been charged.

However, you will still be eligible for this credit if your YouTube TV subscription is currently on sale. You’ll also get the credit one month after your first charge if your account is paused.
Customers will continue to receive this credit as long as YouTube TV does not include any Disney channels in its lineup.

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Is Disney Going to Return to YouTube?

Based on Market Terms and Conditions, Disney Says “[you Tube] Have Rejected a Fair Deal with Us,” According to The Company. Further, Google Says It’s Prepared to Reach an Equitable Agreement to Restore Its Networks on YouTube Tv and Minimise Disruption for Customers.

When Two Streaming Companies Get Into an Open Feud, It Won’t Be the First Time or The Last. After NBC Universal’s Peacock Streaming Service Was Rejected by YouTube Tv, NBC Universal Threatened to Pull Its Services from The Service, According to A Report.

Finally, the Two Companies Were Able to Come to An Agreement After Publicly Airing Their Grievances. with Disney, the Same Could Happen.

Then Again, It Could Be a Complete Waste of Time. YouTube Tv May Not Be a Necessity for The House of Mouse. There Are Already More than 118 Million Worldwide Subscribers to Disney+, Not to Mention Hulu and Espn+, in Just Two Years.

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