Usaa Safe Pilot App: Everything You Need to Know!

usaa safe pilot app

Safe drivers may save money on their car insurance by using the USAA SafePilot app, which tracks their driving patterns and assigns a score based on how safe they are. While all participants receive a 10% discount, the best performers might get up to 30% off their premiums.

As with other USAA products, SafePilot is only accessible to current and past members of the military and their families in the 37 states where it is now available for purchase. It also penalises drivers for making phone calls while driving while using a hands-free device. Because of this, we strongly propose other usage-based systems.

What Is Usaa Safe Pilot?

Using a monitoring device to monitor how you drive your car, USAA SafePilot promotes safe driving practices with a discount. Those who enlist in USAA SafePilot receive a reduction of up to 10% on their insurance rates, and they can earn up to 30% off their premiums by driving safely.

USAA employs a smartphone app put on your phone to monitor and score your driving habits. The greater your performance discount, the higher your score will be. As your driving habits change, keep in mind that your insurance premiums may rise or fall.

How Does Safe Pilot with Usaa Work?

To participate in the SafePilot programme, drivers who have a USAA motor insurance policy must download the free SafePilot app. There are versions of the app on iOS and Android. Once you join USAA, you will receive a reduction in your insurance premiums. Ten per cent participation discounts are available in several states, although they vary widely.

For the first 14 days following your enrollment, you have the option to withdraw. Your driving behaviours during the first two weeks of using SafePilot will not contribute toward your final driving score or affect your discount, even if the app will provide you recommendations on how to improve it.

usaa safe pilot app

Your conduct will be rated by SafePilot once the free trial time has expired. In order to earn a discount on the renewal of your policy, your score is taken into consideration.

Instead of merely monitoring your driving for the duration of a single policy period as some telematics solutions do, SafePilot keeps track of your habits year-round and changes your discount accordingly. If you’re insured with USAA, your premiums won’t go up because of poor driving, but they might go up for other reasons.

Is Usaa Safe Pilot Worth It?

USAA SafePilot isn’t for everybody. Telematics programmes that don’t punish drivers for using their hands-free phones are also available.

According to reviews on Google Play and the Apple App Store, the SafePilot app penalises users harshly for rapid braking, doesn’t accurately recognise whether a user is in the passenger seat or the driver seat, and penalises them for using their hands-free phone while driving.

Other insurers use a different formula to determine their safe-driving discounts. When assessing how much of a discount you’re qualified for, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and Nationwide don’t take phone use into account. Unlike the majority of insurance providers, Progressive and Geico have the ability to hike your premiums if you’re a high-risk driver.

See how USAA SafePilot stacks up against some of the industry’s other top telematics solutions in the chart below:

Program name
Maximum discount
Review period length
Can premiums go up?
Phone usage impacts discount?
USAA SafePilot 10% participation discount, 30% performance discount Each policy period No Yes, including hands-free usage
Allstate Drivewise app No maximum; initial sign-up discount followed by cash back every six months Each policy period with 12 months of rolling data Discounts may increase or decrease depending on the performance No
Geico DriveEasy 25% Each policy period Yes Yes
Liberty Mutual RightTrack 30% 90 days No No
Nationwide SmartRide 10% sign up discount, 40% participation discount 4-6 months No No
Progressive Snapshot $47 average sign-up discount, $146 average final discount First policy period Yes Yes, if using a mobile app
State Farm Drive Safe & Save 30%, 50% for some customers Each policy period No Yes

The most affordable premiums from large national insurance may be found through USAA. A six-month USAA insurance policy costs $224, which is 49 per cent less than the national average, according to ValuePenguin’s research.

For this reason, members of the military services should seek an auto insurance quotation from USAA when comparing prices for automobile insurance.
In order to save a few dollars on your monthly premium, you may be able to get away with using the SafePilot app if you qualify for USAA coverage. Most of the time, though, you’re better off choosing another insurer’s telematics programme instead of utilising this one.

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How Much Can You Save with Usaa Safe Pilot?

Use Safe Pilot Offers a 10% Participation Discount and A 30% Performance Discount, Which Is the Largest Discount You May Receive. However, Your Savings May Be Affected by The Number of Drivers Listed on Your Insurance and The State in Which You Reside.

usaa safe pilot app

Your Discount Is Based on The Number of Drivers on Your Insurance that Participate in The Programme. the Price Is Halved if Just Two Drivers on The Policy Download and Utilise Safe Pilot.

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What Does Safe Pilot Monitor?

The More Frequently You Participate in Driving Behaviours that Usaa Considers Risky, the More Points You Lose. Listed Below Are Some Examples of These Bad Habits:

  • Touching Your Phone While Driving
  • Making Hands-Free Calls
  • Harsh Braking

There Are a Few More Pieces of Information that Usaa Gathers from Your Phone, but Not All of It Is Related to The Variables that Go Into Determining Your Score.

  • Location
  • Speed
  • Time of day
  • Whether you are the driver or passenger
  • Acceleration
  • Swerving
  • Cornering
  • Distances driven
  • Hours driven annually

Users of The Usaa App Should Be Informed that The Mobile App Follows You as A Driver Rather than Your Automobile, and Hence Usaa Will Know Your Whereabouts at All Times. in Order to Serve Your Policies and Enhance Its Services, the Firm Shares This Information with Its Third-Party Service Providers.

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Where Is Usaa Safe Pilot Available?

usaa safe pilot app

At This Time, Usaa Safe Pilot Is Accessible in 37 States Around the Us. While Usaa Provides Insurance to The Military Community Around the Country, only Policyholders in The Following States Can Enrol in Safe Pilot: