How to Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Features!

twitter advanced search

6,000 tweets are sent per second on Twitter. Over 500 million tweets are sent out each day! Twitter Advanced Search is a fantastic but little-known way to search all of those tweets, as well as the many millions of accounts associated with them.

When it comes to finding new consumers and sifting through someone’s tweets, Advanced Search is a goldmine. There are a lot of ways you can use Twitter Advanced Search for your business, and we’ll teach you just how to do it in this post.

How to Find Twitter’s Advanced Search

By Going to Twitter.Com/search-Advanced, You May Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Functionality Right from Twitter’s Website. You May Also Use Twitter’s Search Bar and Select Advanced Search Next to The Search Criteria in The Upper-Right Corner of The Results Page to Find What You’re Looking For.

twitter advanced search

Unfortunately, You Can’t Use Twitter’s Mobile App to Utilise the Advanced Search Function. You May, However, Use Your Phone’s Web Browser to Access It at Https://mobile.Twitter.Com/search-Advanced.

Navigating Twitter Advanced Search

The Advanced Search Results Page May Look a Little Daunting at First. There Are a Lot of Options to Choose From, and It Can Be Difficult to Know Where to Begin. We’ve created a Brief Reference Guide to Assist You in Navigating the Site.

Search Filters to Use

It Is Possible to Narrow Down Your Search Results by Using These Search Criteria.

  • Looking for A Certain Phrase or Set of Words
  • In Other Words: See Tweets that Include a Combination of Up to Two Keywords Entered Here (in No Particular Order). Using Quote Marks to Separate Words, Such as “social Media” and “Social Marketing,” Will Allow You to Do a Search.
  • The Following Is an Accurate Quote: It’s Recommended to Focus Your Search on A Single Word in This Section. if You’re Looking for Certain People or Quotes, Here Is the Place to Look.
  • A Single One of The Following Phrases: Multiple Terms Can Be Found Quickly Using This Field. if You’re Looking for Information on Buffer, You May Use Terms Like “buffer,” “@buffer,” and “#buffer.”

twitter advanced search

  • There Are No Such Words: If You Type in A Word or Phrase Here, that Word or Phrase Will Be Excluded from Your Search Results.
  • The Following Are Some Relevant Hash Tags: It Allows You to Focus on Certain Hashtags, Such as #buffer, for Your Posts.
  • This Option Will Allow You to Search for Tweets in Any of The 34 Languages Supported by Twitter.

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Searching for People or Accounts

  • According to These Reports: With This One, You Can Just See Tweets from The Particular Users You Specify. (example: “@buffer” Tweeted This).
  • These Are the Facts: As The Name Implies, These Tweets Are Posted in Response to A Specific Account (such as “@buffer“).
  • Bringing up The Following Examples: To Display Tweets Mentioning a Certain Account (e.G. “@buffer”), Type the Name of The Account in This Box.
  • I’m Trying to Figure out Where the Tweet Came From.
  • You May See Tweets that Were Sent from A Specific Location in The Vicinity of This Location.

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Searching for The Date a Tweet Was Sent

Searching for Tweets from A Specified Date Period Has Never Been Easier than With This Simple Feature. as An Example, You Could Be Able to See What People Were Saying on Twitter During a Marketing Campaign or When Specific Themes Were Trending.

twitter advanced search

The Advanced Search Page Is Only One of Many Useful Tools Available to Help You Narrow Down Your Search. Search Results on Twitter May Be Narrowed Down by A Variety of Criteria Including Media Type, User Name, and More.

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