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Sony Hires an Engineer for PS3 and PS Vita Emulation on PS5

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To transfer PS3 and PSP games to the next-generation platform, Sony has put out a new job advertisement for an emulator developer. A “classical engineer” could mean that PlayStation Studios is interested in working on consoles that it has previously ignored. Rumors say that outdated PS3 peripherals may also operate on the PS5, which is expected to be released later this year.

Is Sony Developing Emulation for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita? As a PS4 and PS5 user, you may have noticed that most of the 400+ PS3 titles in Sony’s PlayStation Plus archives must be streamed in order to play. However, the streaming service is awful and frequently goes down.

As a result of a recent PlayStation Studios job ad, PS Vita and PS3 emulators are once again a possibility. “Classics engineer” is the term used by Kotaku to describe Sony’s newly hired software developer.

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It is possible to play games from PS+, PS1, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 again with a renewed subscription to PlayStation Plus. On the other hand, PS3 users must use a third-party streaming service. The iconic question posed by PlayStation Studios in their LinkedIn job posting for engineers is:

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At PlayStation Studios, we are looking for a Software Development Engineer to help support the recently relaunched “Classics” titles on PS4 and PS5. ” Emulation of the PlayStation’s older models allows for the playback of classic games. Bug fixes, new feature additions, and the creation of new emulators are all a part of the job description for a Classics engineer.

One of the most recent reports suggests that Sony is considering adding PS3 emulation support to the PS5. The possibility of PS3 emulation on the PS5 has been discussed by many in the gaming industry. Still, many also believe that Sony will not invest the time and resources necessary to make it happen. Earlier, some Sony insiders proposed that the RPCS3 team, the people behind the unauthorized PS3 emulator, be brought on board.

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