How Much Is Hulu No Ads, Everything You Need to Know!

hulu no ads

Streaming gives you complete control over the viewing experience. Gone are the days when you’d flip through your cable guide to catching the last 30 minutes of a movie before having to restart the whole thing from scratch. It has been a boon for consumers to be able to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and others, but one cable staple has remained: advertisements. In contrast to Netflix, which insists on a “no commercials, no issue” ethos, Hulu relies on advertising to keep its pricing low for subscribers. If you’re prepared to fork over a few additional dollars, there’s a simple way to get rid of Hulu’s annoying advertising. With the new Hulu ad-free subscription, what’s the deal with it? Does Hulu provide a way to stream live TV without commercials? Please read on for details.

Introducing Hulu With No Ads

Hulu is one of the top available streaming TV services. In addition to Hulu’s original material, such as Only Murders in the Building and The Handmaid’s Tale, you can also view a number of network series the day after they premiere on a normal television. Additionally, Hulu offers a large number of old TV shows and films, so there is a great deal of on-demand entertainment available.

hulu no ads

The issue with Hulu’s basic membership is that it includes numerous advertisements. To watch all of this fantastic television, you must endure a barrage of advertisements. Or do you? Hulu also provides a Hulu (No Ads) option in addition to its standard membership. The No Ads subscription eliminates all of Hulu’s bothersome advertisements, allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies without interruption. It’s just what you’ve desired.

How to Avoid Hulu Advertising

Both the ordinary and the premium plans of Hulu are available to subscribers at different price points. Hulu costs $1.99/month for students email addresses.

how much is hulu without ads

Make sure to keep in mind that the student discount comes with advertisements. Hulu (No Ads) is the simplest option to get rid of Hulu’s ads, and it’s also the most expensive. If you’re a regular Hulu binge watcher, the No Commercials plan is well worth the extra money.

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Remove Hulu Ads.

In order to remove ads from your Hulu subscription, log in and select “Manage Your Account.” On that page, you have the choice to upgrade your subscription, choose any add-ons (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz are all viable options), or even cancel your Hulu account. In the case of premium cable channels, whether you have the regular or No Ads package, your episode or movie will play uninterrupted if you’re using Hulu to watch it.

Don’t Want Ads on Hulu Live Television? on Hulu, how Do I Watch Live Tv without Commercials?

One of the simplest methods to cut the cord is to use Hulu Live TV, while we’re talking about Hulu extras. All major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS), as well as a selection of entertainment and sports channels such as E!/Bravo/TNT and FS1, can be watched for just $69.99 per month. Click here for a complete listing of Hulu’s live TV channels.

how much is hulu without ads

If you’re willing to pay an additional $6 a month, you can have the Hulu No Ads plan as well as Live TV. There will be no advertisements on your Hulu shows, so you can then switch to ESPN to enjoy the third quarter of a basketball game without interruption. To make matters worse, because Hulu + Live TV is basically a live broadcast of conventional cable networks, you will be able to watch anything that’s on that network at any one timeā€”even Tide ads.

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When It Comes to Casual Viewers, Hulu Is a Great Option.

Three kinds of individuals can benefit from Hulu’s ad-supported plan: those who are used to viewing live TV with commercials, those who are primarily using the service to watch short comedies, and those who are looking to save money.

While using Hulu’s ad-supported service, I caught up on some series. No advertising was shown in the 22-minute episode I watched of Bob’s Burgers. During the entire episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there was a 15-second commercial.

how much is hulu without ads

The 15-second spot at the beginning of an hour-long show of Saturday Night Live was followed by eight ad breaks of 90 seconds, 60 seconds, and 45 seconds. Even though this was more disruptive, the experience was very much the same as if you had been watching it on ordinary live television.

The number of advertisements during Hulu Originals was noticeably lower: I noticed one 30-second ad before an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Similarly, an episode of Utopia Falls had the same outcome. There was one 30-second commercial in the middle of a High Fidelity episode.

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The Hulu Without Ads Price

Hulu has a variety of plans to pick from, including the following: Hulu: In order to access our ad-supported streaming collection, you’ll pay just $6.99 per month (or $69.99 per year). (No Ads) Hulu

Advertisements aren’t necessary for the majority of these same shows and movies if you pay $12.99 per month. The cost of a Hulu subscription varies based on whether or not you wish to skip the advertising or bundle it with other subscription services.

how much is hulu without ads

Customers can choose between a $6.99/month basic subscription and a more expensive ($9.99/month) option that includes commercial-free streaming and/or other premium features. As a newcomer to Hulu, learning about the plans and their differences can help you save money each month. For those who prefer TV series, Hulu is an excellent subscription service that provides access to the most recent episodes of shows that have just aired on television.

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A Breakdown of The Hulu (ad-Free) Package Is Provided

Similarly, the Hulu No Ads package is easy to understand. Like Hulu, but without the annoying advertisements that interrupt your viewing experience. However, there is a price to pay for not having advertising. Starting at $12.99 per month, the No Ads plan is almost twice as expensive as the standard membership. Additionally, Hulu does not presently provide an annual subscription option for No Ads subscribers.

how much is hulu without ads

This service is described as a “No Advertising” service, although it’s possible that ads will be shown even if they aren’t. Hulu’s ad obligations, this is the reason for this. Ads are only presented before and after the show or movie in these cases, Hulu explains. In other words, there are no commercials during the video playback.