FileHippo App Manager v2.0


FileHippo App Manager, formerly known as Update Checker, was a free software updater that could check your computer for out-of-date programs against its own library of freeware at It then allowed you to download the most recent version of the software right to your computer from within the program.

This utility was quite useful because it allowed for internal updates, which eliminated the need to exit the updater and manually obtain updates. The new software would be downloaded and begin to be installed right away if the Download & Run button was clicked.

Information on File Hippo App Manager


is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000

It displays the version number of a matching software that is currently installed, notifies the user when that version was released and displays the most recent version number.

The list of installed applications that it may update can be ordered so that the oldest programs that require updates are displayed to you. For instance, it might say that your edition is v1.0 and that it was released two years ago, with a v5.0 upgrade available.

You can switch options to display all apps FileHippo App Manager found on your computer (not just the out-of-date ones), the install path, and any available beta versions on the results page.

You can choose to hide all program’s updates or simply the most recent one, which will prevent you from seeing it on the results page (this step can be undone later if you want to see updates again)

Instead of merely looking in the default program installation folders for outdated software, expand the scan’s scope by adding custom folders to its parameters.

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Cons & Pros of File Hippo App Manager

Despite being a straightforward tool, it managed to contain certain crucial functions that are common to similar software updaters:

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Views on The File Hippo App Manager


It performed admirably when it did. On our test machine, it discovered and updated out-of-date apps for almost everything, and it was simple to use without any extraneous options.

It was convenient to have a schedule so that you could install FileHippo App Manager and then completely forget about it until one of your applications required an update. It’s very, very convenient. After that, simply update it from the app management and continue your journey.

One of the aforementioned “cons” is that the application cannot download updates in bulk. However, while there isn’t a button that can be used to download all the updates with a single click, you do have the choice to click the Download & Run button next to each individual program. When you’re ready to install them, you would still need to select Run next to each one after having them all downloaded simultaneously by App Manager.

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Alternatives to The File Hippo App Manager

Without a software updater, you would either have to check your programs for updates or visit the developer’s website to update a program. This updater makes it possible to apply updates for multiple programs at once without ever having to exit the program, which is really convenient.

Since this updater is no longer functional, we advise using a few other ones instead. You should consider Patch My PC, IObit Software Updater, OUTDATEfighter, and UCheck as excellent choices.