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drunk lyrics game

Play Drunk Lyrics with your friends online in this social game. It challenges you to sing the most songs in the shortest amount of time possible. Cards are used in the game, and each one has a different word on it. In order to win, you must sing a song with that word in the title. During the 30-minute time limit, you will be tasked with drawing as many cards as possible. But there’s a catch: the lyrics are confusing, and remembering a correct song will require unparalleled accuracy. Try your luck by downloading the Drunk Lyrics Game online. It’s great!

How to Download Drunk Lyrics Game Phone App

Unknown Sources Must Be Enabled in The Settings Section Before You Can Download Drunk Lyrics Obb. Using This, You Can Download Applications from Third-Party Websites without Any Hassles

In Order to Use Drunk Lyrics, You Must First Enable that Setting from A Reputable Source/website. to Begin the Installation Process, Click on The Download Link. Open the Drunk Lyrics Game Files to Begin the Installation Process After They Have Finished Downloading. Start Playing as Soon as You’ve Installed It!

How to Play Drunk Lyrics Game

It’s Easy to Play Drunk Lyrics. the Gameplay Is Enjoyable and The Rules Are Simple. One Word Will Appear on Each Card on The Deck, and You’ll Have to Choose the One You Want to Sing. After You’ve Drawn a Card, Sing a Song and Write the Song Lyrics on Your Card. only 30 Seconds Are Available for You to Sing from Any Song that Is Available on The App.
Pull as Many Cards as Possible until The Timer Runs Out. This Game Will Be Easy for You to Win if You’re Good at Rapping or Singing.

drunk lyrics game

If You Can’t Think of A Song at The Time, You Can Simply Discard the Card. You Never Know, You Might Be Anticipating the Next Song. Sing as Many Songs as You Can in The Allotted 30 Seconds.

  • Rules of Playing Drunk Lyrics App on  IPhone or Android
  • If You Want to Be Successful in The Game, You Must Strictly Adhere to The Following Guidelines:
  • There Can Be No Fake Songs in A Real Song. There Are No Games that Use Words that Don’t Exist.
  • It Is Mandatory that All Songs Have Lyrics. It Doesn’t Matter What Song You’re Singing if You Don’t Understand What You’re Singing. Pick a Different Song if You Don’t Recognise the Lyrics.
  • There Will Be No Repeats of This Story. when It Comes to Music, You Can’t Just Keep Listening to The Same Song, No Matter How Much You Love It.
  • All Songs Must Be Totally Original. the Lyrics of All Songs Must Be Unique, Even if They Are Slightly Different from Each Other.
  • Cards Can Be Passed On. if You’re Not Familiar with The Song, You Can Skip a Card. After Picking One Up, You Can’t Just Throw It Away!
  • You Can Play as A-Team, or You Can Play on Your Own. In each Round, only One Member of Your Team Is Allowed to Participate. Rounds of Competition Will Not Allow Teammates to Help Each Other.
  • The Number of Rounds You Play Is Yours to Decide. Play as Many Rounds as You Like. on The Other Hand, You Must Be the Only One Who Sings on Each Card.
  • There Isn’t Enough Time for All Players. Games Will Not Begin Automatically if There Are No Participants; Instead, They Will Wait for A Player or Team to Join.
  • Repeat the Lyrics of Your Song if You Forget Them! if You Lose Track of Where Your Song Starts or Ends Within the Allotted 30 Seconds, Simply Repeat the First or Last 30 Seconds. You Can Even Try to Mimic the Singer’s Voice While You’re Listening! the Real World Does Not Permit What Is Permitted Here.
  • Each Game Type Has Its Own Rules, and You Must Obey Them. Various Types of Games Have Their Own Set of Rules. Not to Worry, You Will Be Informed when You Join a New Game Type so That You Know What to Do When You Get There.
  • Sing as Close to The Original as You Can. Each Word that Comes Close Enough to Be Considered Acceptable by The App Will Be Given a Score. No Matter How Bad Your Voice Is, All that Matters Is that You Sing with Passion.

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What to Do When You Pull a Blank Card

When Playing Drunk Lyrics Game App Android or Drunk Lyrics Game App I Phone, You Can Easily Pull a Blank Card. when That Happens, You’ll Get an Opportunity to Choose Any Word that You Can Think of For Your Opponent. Or, You Can Choose to Skip the Round.

Highly Engaging Gameplay

  • You Can Just Sit Back and Relax, and Yet Still Have Fun and Win the Game.
  • Playing Drunk Lyrics App Is Not All About Singing. After Drawing a Card with A Word on It, You Need to Think of Which Song Would Include that Word in Its Lyrics.
  • Good Thing, This App Has a Search Function Where You Can Easily Find that Song and Sing It! There’s Also a Timer to Keep Track of Your Time.

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Easy Controls and Beautiful Graphics

  • The Screen Is Filled with Colourful Button Controls Because There Are No Obstacles in Your Way to Stop You from Singing the Lyrics. Also, It’s Easy to Navigate to The Songs Screen.

drunk lyrics game

  • You Can Easily Switch Between Your Current Game and The Previous One if You Need to Take a Break for Any Reason, Like Fixing Yourself a Drink or Changing Partners if You Are Playing with Group Mates.

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Drunk Lyrics Game Download Is Everything You Need to Kill Boredom. the Game Is Designed for Having Fun Anytime, Anywhere. Being Able to Find Any Song’s Lyrics on The App Is a Bonus! Drag-And-Drop Functionality Also Makes It Easy to Switch Between Cards without Delay.

the Game Features Simple yet Engaging Gameplay with An Emphasis on Singing Ability and Talent. You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Judged Because There Are No Rules About Having a Good Voice – Just Have Fun!