What is Classroom Live Streamed?

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When you choose to learn with Classroom Live Streamed, you get all the benefits of a Kaplan classroom without having to leave your home or office. Zoom allows you to join live classroom sessions and observe not just your instructor but also the other students in the room, giving the impression that you are there in person.

We will make sure that you have access to the same resources as your peers in the classroom, so that you may learn together as if you were in the same room. As a result, you will be able to participate in class discussions as well as those conducted online. In order to get the most out of this unique and creative learning method, all students are encouraged to turn on their cameras.

Who’s it for?

Classroom Live Streamed is ideal for students who want to study in planned classroom sessions, but who may not be able to go to our learning centres readily due to their work or other commitments. If you’re looking for the structure of a classroom course, but with the convenience of learning from home, Classroom Live Streamed is for you.

What’s Included?

Face-To-Face Support

Zoom Allows You to Communicate Directly with Your Tutor and Receive Assistance Throughout Your Lessons. to Facilitate Tutor-Student Interaction, the Session Is Organised in A Way that Allows Tutors to Communicate with You Through Zoom as Easily as With Students in The Classroom.

Study Materials

The Study Materials and Practise Questions You’ll Receive from Us Are of The Highest Quality and Mirror Those on The Test.

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Out-Of-Hours Tutor Support

Aside from The Scheduled Hours, You May Reach Our Professional Instructors by Live Chat, Email or By Requesting a Callback from Our Team of Tutors (Uk Based on Students Only).

My Kaplan

Using Our Online Portal Can Help You Feel More Prepared for The Exam. as A Student, You’ll Have Full Access to A Variety of Learning Tools, Such as Time Management Tools, Mock Examinations, Discussion Forums, and Real-Time Assessments.

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Features of Google Classroom

  1.  Google Software Integrates Learning Technologies to Administer Several Classrooms at A School.
  2. Educators Are Able to Start and Run the School’s Classes without Any Problems.
  3. Sessions in Which the Audience Participates Conversations Between Two People Involvement in A Cooperative Environment. Using Google Meet, the Teacher May Have a Face-To-Face Session with Their Students or Have Them All Work Together on The Same Page.
  4. Whether You’re at Home or On the Go, You Can Always Stay Connected Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Smartphones Can All Run Google Software.
  5.  It Enables knowledge-building Activities to Be Carried out From Any Location. It Allows for Greater Movement and Flexibility in The Classroom.

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Google Software Extends Benefits:

  1.  Virtual Teaching and Learning Procedures Save Time for Both the Teacher and The Pupils.
  2.  a Teacher and Student Can Work Together to Make Routine Activities Easier on Digital Platforms.
  3.  the Whole Process of Learning Is Digital and Free Versions Are Issued.
  4. as A Teacher, You May Easily Move Between Classes, Assignments, and Students with A Few Clicks of The Mouse on The Website’s Modules.

Google Software on School Modules:

  • the Student Information System, or Sis, Is Stored in A Separate Channel Provided by Google Software for The School.
  • Teachers Can Easily Keep Tabs on Their Students’ Progress, and They Can Easily Communicate that Information with The Parents of Those Students.
  • Rubrics Are Used to Maintain the Transparency of Student Work Performance.

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  • in The Comment Bank, the Programme Keeps a Collection of Personalised Phrases.
  • the Instructor May Prepare and Schedule Classroom Activities Like Assignments and Quizzes While Also Teaching.
  • Additional Edtech Features Will Be Included in The Paid Editions of The Classroom Modules.

Enrichment of Student Learning Experiences:

  •  with The Free Version, the Learner Has Access to All of The Options. Setting up Various Languages and Other Options Is a Breeze.
  • Students Receive Notifications with Action Items to Complete and Pages for Professors to Examine via The Programme. Students Have Access to The Assignments and Due Dates that Their Teachers Have Established and Shared with Them. Information that Has Been Provided Is Shown on The Student Calendar
  • the Instructor Has the Ability to Post Coursework Using the Predefined Templates that Have Been Provided. Each Student Receives a Copy of The Workbook.
  • A Search of Billions of Online Pages Yields the Updated Versions, Which Are Then Made Available to The Pupils.
  •  the Edtech Has Improved Capabilities that Allow Students to Take a Picture of Their Documents and Submit It.
  • in Premium Versions, the Scanned and Submitted Content Is Put Through a Plagiarism Check as A Response to The Repository’s Requirements. Software that Incorporates the Information Into Interactive Assignments and Practises Sets Is Ready for Distribution.

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Features of Classroom Training Modules

  •  Google Adheres to International Education Standards in Terms of Security and Privacy. A. Third-Party Audits Are Conducted on A Regular Basis by The Third-Party Organisations.
  • There Are No Ads in The Online Classes. the Personal Information of Students Will Not Be Used to Target Students.
  • Account Holders in The Google Education Domain Are Given Their Own Individual Log-Ins. in Addition, only Students Are Permitted Entry Into the Classroom.

Google Classroom Student Login:

It Is Possible to Sign in Using a School Account, an Individual Google Account, or Even a Google Workspace Account.

  • On The Classroom.
  • Students Must Click on The ‘go to Classroom’ Link on Google.Com
  • Students Are Instructed to Type in Their School’s E-Mail Address and Then Press the Next Button.
  • the Password Must Always Be Entered and The Next Button Pressed at This Point.

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  • a Welcome Message May Be Found, Read and Accepted by Clicking the Accept Button.
  • Google Workspace for Education Users Must Select Either I’m a Student or A Teacher in The Fifth Step.
  • a Google Personal Account Will Not Display in The Dialogue Box if It Is Being Used by The User. Clicking ‘get Started’ Will Begin the Process.

If a User Has Logged in To Numerous Accounts, They Must Switch to The One that May Be Used for Classroom Sessions. Select the Account by Clicking the Profile Picture at The Top of The Page.

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Create Class at Google Classroom Portal:

  • Use the Google Sign-In Page at Classroom.Google.Com to Access Google Classroom by Entering Your Email Address and Password.
  • On the Google Classroom Website, Students Should Select the Create Class Option After Logging in And Entering Their Information.
  • Create Class Page Appears on Screen for All Students. After Entering the Class Name, Section, Subject and Room Information, Students Should Select “create.” a Successful Class Creation Will Be the Result of This Effort.