NBA 2K22 Locker Codes List | 100% Working (May 2022)


It’s that time of year when you can get free stuff in NBA 2K22 by simply entering some codes. NBA 2k22 locker codes have returned, and they’re better than ever. With the start of a new season, you’ll be able to earn even more rewards for your gaming efforts.

There are three types of locker codes, each of which will grant access to a variety of in-game items, such as players, MyTeam packs, MyPlayer gear, and other goodies. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to get your hands on some sweet bonuses while playing the most recent version of one of our favorite games, now’s your chance! In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this year’s NBA 2K22 locker codes, including how to use them.

What are Locker Codes in NBA 2K22?

Locker codes in NBA 2K22 are codes that can be redeemed in the game for special items. They’re completely free and provide players with virtual currency, locker room themes, and new customization options, among other things. The options are limitless! Once you enter the code correctly, the item of your choice is automatically added to your account. You don’t have to be concerned about any suspicious third-party websites infecting your account with a virus. The only requirement is that you have access to the internet; it couldn’t be simpler!
Players can use these codes to gain access to some of the game’s best features. They’re particularly useful when you want to give your account a free boost or customization.


List of NBA 2K22 Locker Codes (2022)

NBA is constantly adding new content and features, which is why we can’t get enough of it. NBA 2K22 locker codes are our way of attempting to assist you by providing you with the opportunity to win free merchandise. That’s why we’ve put together a list of all the newest locker codes for this year so that no one gets left out! Remember that each code only works once and that they won’t last indefinitely, so use them as soon as possible!

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List of NBA 2K22 Locker Codes that are currently active (2022)

These codes are all currently active and will grant you access to a wealth of game content. Make sure to use them as soon as possible, as they may expire at any time.

  • Forever-Code-From-Ask-A-Dev: 50 Tokens, Hall of Fame Badge, Diamond Contract, Diamond Shoe or Zero Gravity Deluxe Pack (Never Expires)
  • My Career-Hoodie-Hyperfly: Hyperfly Mavericks Pullover Hoodie
  • My team-Consumables: Diamond Contract, Diamond Shoe Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost Pack or 50 Tokens
  • My team-Pd-Jeremy-Lin: Pink Diamond Jeremy Lin
  • Swish-Dell-Or-Seth-Curry-Drop: Swish Pack, 10 Tokens, Diamond Shoe Pack, Galaxy Opal Dell Curry, or Galaxy Opal Seth Curry
  • Fearless-Pack-Or-Diamond-Shoe: Fearless Pack or Diamond Shoe Pack
  • Heroes-Have-Returned-To-My team: Fearless Pack, Diamond Contract, HOF Badge, 25 Tokens, or 50 Tokens
  • Ask-A-Dev-Zero-Gravity: Zero Gravity Deluxe Pack.

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List of NBA 2K22 Locker Codes that Have Expired (2022)

These codes have all passed their expiration date and are no longer valid. They may be active from time to time, but you’ll have to wait for them to reactivate before redeeming them.


  • Supernova-Pack-Or-Tokens-82 D7p:  Supernova Pack or 5 Tokens
  • My team-Supernova-Cards-Hfa77:  Supernova Pack, Diamond Shoe Pack, or 5 Tokens
  • Glitched-Pack-Or-Tokens-F95 Xs:  Glitched Pack or 5 tokens
  • Glitched-Cards-In-My team-Sc55 K:  Glitched Jason Williams, a Glitched Pack, 25 tokens, Diamond Contract, Diamond Shoe Pack, or a HOF Badge
  • Limited-Edition-4-Pack-Kp3 Xz:  Limited Edition IV Pack or 5 tokens
  • My team-Season-6-Draft-Ticket:  Draft Ticket
  • Limited-Edition-4-Hg6 Lp:  Limited Edition IV Pack, Diamond Shoe Pack, or 5 Tokens
  • Myteam-Fan-Favorites-2 Twd8:  Fan Favorites Pack or Diamond Shoe Boost
  • My team-Out-Of-Position-Packs:  Out Of Position Pack or Diamond Shoe Pack
  • Myteam-Mash-Up-Super-Packs:  Limited Edition, Maxed Out, or Level up Pack
  • Maxed-Out-Two-Lwx2 E:  Maxed out Two Pack, Diamond Shoe Pack or 5 Tokens
  • Nba-Myteam-75 Th-80 S-90 S-Pack:  Nba 75th 80s/90s Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost or 3 Tokens
  • Nba-Myteam-75 Th-2010 S-2000 S:  Nba 75th 20000s/2010s Pack or 3 Tokens
  • Power-Within-Packs-In-Myteam:  Power Within Pack or Diamond Shoe Pack
  • Season-5-Power-Within-Myteam:  25 Tokens, 10 Tokens, Diamond Shoe Pack, or Power Within Pack
  • Level-Up-In-Myteam:  Level up Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost Pack, or 3 Tokens
  • Myteam-H4 G-Cold-Blooded-Packs:  Hunt 4 Glory Cold-Blooded Pack or Sharpshooter Badge Pack
  • Rui-8-Omedeto-Japan:  Fa Hachimura
  • Hunt-4-Glory-Camo-The-Worm:  Hunt 4 Glory- Camouflage Pack, Glass Cleaner Badge Pack, or Rebounding Diamond Shoe Boost Pack
  • Myteam-Beasts-Packs:  Beasts Pack or Diamond Shoe Pack
  • Myteam-Nba-75-The-Logo:  Nba 75 Pack or Badge Pack
  • Myteam-Season-3-Super-Packs:  Maxed Out, Signature Series Iii, Iced Out, ’tis the Season, New Year’s Resolution, or Iced out 2 Pack
  • From-Community-Hub-Vids:  Colossal Deluxe, Dunktober Deluxe, Alter Ego, Mystic Deluxe, or New Year’s Resolution Deluxe Pack
  • Hub-Ask-A-Dev-Code-1: 10, 15, 20, or 25 Tokens
  • Myteam-Unlimited-Gameday-Three:  Iced out Pack
  • Get-Ready-For-Primetime:  Receive a Deluxe Colossal Pack, Five Gold Shoe Boosts, Five Gold Shoe Bases, or A Draft Ticket.
  • Welcome-To-Myteam-Call-To-Ball:  Receive a Deluxe Colossal Pack, Five Gold Shoe Boosts, Five Gold Shoe Bases, or A Draft Ticket.
  • 2 Kday-In-Myteam:  Receive a Diamond +4 Driving Dunk Card, a Diamond Shoe, a Free Agent Lebron, a Free Agent Russell Westbrook, and A Free Agent Zach Lavine.
  • Happy-Nextgen-2 Kday-22:  Receive Three Banners, 30 Minutes of Two-Xp Coin, a New Player Indicator, New Perfect Green Release Animation.

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How to Redeem Locker Codes in NBA 2K22

Playing games with your friends, defeating computer-generated opponents, and climbing the leaderboards are all great ways to enjoy this game. However, one of the most appealing features is the ability to redeem locker codes for unique items that will enhance your gaming experience even further.

In order to redeem NBA 2K22 locker codes, you need to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is open up the main menu of your game.
  • Now that you’re there search for ‘My Team.’
  • Now that it’s loaded, go into “Extras” and search for ‘Locker Codes.’
  • In this section, there will be an empty space with text reading “Enter Your NBA Code.” Just type in the NBA 2K22 locker code and press enter.
  • Now, enjoy your new items!