Know Rockstar Phil Collins’s Net Worth, Salary, Career, Personal Life, and More!

Know Rockstar Phil Collins’s Net Worth, Salary, Career, Personal Life, and More!

Phil Collins Net Worth:

$300 Million

Net Worth: $300 Million
Date of Birth: 1951-01-30
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession: Musician, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Record Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Author, Drummer, Photographer, Audio Engineer
Nationality: United Kingdom

Phil Collins’ Net Worth: How much money does he have?

Phil Collins has a net worth of $300 million USD and is an English musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and writer. Both as a solo artist and as a member of the band Genesis, he has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.

Only three musicians in history, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, and Paul McCartney, have sold more than 100 million records both as solo artists and as a member of a band. For his achievements, he has won seven Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, and an Academy Award.

Congratulations to Phil Collins for His Induction into the Rock and Roll  Hall of Fame - Rockstar Games


Collins can earn up to $50 million in a single touring year. For instance, he received $45 million after his “Not Dead Yet Tour” made $90 million.


On January 30, 1951, in Chiswick, Middlesex, England, Philip David Charles Collins was born (what is now part of the London Borough of Hounslow). Greville Philip Austin Collins and Winifred June Collins (née Strange) were his parents, and they reared him and his two brothers. Collins received a toy drum kit when he was 5 years old. His parents would replace it with more full sets as he grew, trained, and improved. The Beatles, particularly Ringo Starr, have had a significant influence on him.


Collins began his professional music career as a drummer for Genesis, a band that had already recorded two albums, in 1970. He also backed up frontman Peter Gabriel as a background vocalist in Genesis. He did, however, have the opportunity to sing lead on two songs, “For Absent Friends” from the 1971 album “Nursery Cryme” and “More Fool Me” from the 1973 album “Selling England by the Pound.”

Collins took over as the vocalist for the band after Peter Gabriel quit. He sang on many Genesis albums, including “A Trick of the Tail” (1976), “…And Then There Were Three…” (1978), “Duke” (1980), “Abacab” (1981), “Genesis” (1983), “Invisible Touch” (1986), and “We Can’t Dance” (1988). (1991).

Career as a solo musician

Collins quit Genesis in March 1996 to concentrate on his solo work. He had been releasing his own solo work at the same time as his work with Genesis while he was still a member of the group. “Face Value” (1981), “Hello, I Must Be Going!” (1982), “No Jacket Required” (1985), “…But Seriously” (1989), and “Both Sides” (1990) are some of his solo albums (1993). After leaving the band, he founded the Phil Collins Big Band, which he led on drums. They went on tour, playing jazzy melodies and Genesis covers, as well as Collin’s original stuff.

“Dance into the Light,” his sixth solo studio album, was released in October 1996. Although it charted at No. 4 in the United Kingdom and No. 23 in the United States, it received mixed reviews and performed poorly commercially compared to his previous solo albums.

Lily Collins Found out Her Dad Phil Collins Was a Rock Star at Disney

Disney approached Collins about writing and performing songs for the upcoming animated picture “Tarzan” (1999). The resulting dubbed versions of the film and album, which had Collins singing his songs in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, were favorably welcomed. The song “You’ll Be in My Heart,” in particular, lasted 19 weeks at the top of the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, the longest time a single track has ever been there. Collins also won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song in 2000 for his song “You’ll Be in My Heart.”

Other Work & Awards

Collins agreed to have all of his solo records remastered in 2015 with Warner Music Group. His autobiography, “Not Dead Yet,” was published in 2016. He’s continued to tour since then, both solo and with Genesis (the band has reunited a few times, such as in 2006 for their “Turn It On Again: The Tour” reunion tour). He won seven Grammy Awards, six Brit Awards, three American Music Awards, an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and a Disney Legend Award for his solo work.

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Life in General

Collins has three marriages and three divorces on his record. Between 1975 to 1980, he was married to Andrea Bertorelli. They initially met when they were 11 years old in a drama class in London. They reconnected later at a Genesis show in Vancouver and began dating. Simon Collins, a former vocalist, and drummer for the rock band Sound of Contact is the couple’s only child.

From 1984 through 1996, he married Jill Tavelman again. Collins is said to have paid $25 million to Tavelman as part of their divorce settlement. Their daughter, actress Lily Collins, is their only child.

From 1999 to 2008, he was married to Orianne Cevey. Collins paid Cevey $45 million as part of their divorce agreement. Together, they have two boys.

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Property Development

Phil bought an 11,000 square-foot waterfront property in Miami for $33 million in 2015. In December 2020, he put the house on the market for $40 million, but it sold for $39 million.

Orlando Bravo, a billionaire from private equity, was the buyer.

Collins has been a landowner in England for a long time.