Know Rapper Sisqo’s Net Worth, Salary, Career, and More!

Know Rapper Sisqo’s Net Worth, Salary, Career, and More!

Sisqo Net Worth:
$6 Million

Sisqó has a net worth of $6 million and is an American R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actor. The “Thong Song” is undoubtedly Sisqó’s best-known work. He is the lead singer for the band Dru Hill in addition to his solo music career.

Sisqó Impersonator Denies Trying To Be Singer At New York Fashion Week |  HipHopDX

Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 9, 1978 (43 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.626 m)
Profession: Record producer, Actor, Dancer, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter
Nationality: United States of America

Sisqó was born on November 9th, 1978, under the name Mark Andrews. He began his career working at The Fudgery in Harborplace, where he was raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Andrews graduated from high school in 1994 and began working in the music industry immediately after. Sisqó began experimenting with showy style choices including bleached hair and unusual clothing during his high school years.

Sisqó went solo in 1999 after leaving Dru Hill. Unleash the Dragon was his debut album, which he released that same year. Despite the album’s poor start, things took a turn for the better when “Thong Song” became a worldwide smash. The song “Thong Song” reached number three on the charts and was nominated for four Grammy Awards. Sisqó’s second hit from Unleash the Dragon, as incredible as it was, would be even greater. “Incomplete,” a slow ballad that charted at number one, cemented the artist’s reputation.

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Sisqó was also a founding member of LovHer in 1999. Girls auditioned in front of Sisqó before he chose the final members. They were a moderate hit, and in 2001, one of their songs was included on the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack.

Dru Hill members had hoped to unite by the year 2000, but internal issues prevented this. Sisqó retaliated by turning to television, first hosting MTV’s Sisqó’s Shakedown, a dancing competition. He also dabbled in acting, appearing in movies like Get Over It and Snow Dogs. In an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sisqó also played a vampire.

Sisqó released his second album, Return of the Dragon, but Dru Hill’s reunion remained a mystery. Even though the album did not perform as well as Release the Dragon, it was nonetheless certified platinum. The album also did well in the United Kingdom, where the single “Dance for Me” reached number 10. Dru Hill was reunited with his band in 2002. Their subsequent album, however, was a flop, and they were soon dropped from their record label.

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Sisqó went on to star in reality shows including Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Keith Sweat’s Platinum House, Gone Country, and Celebrity Wife Swap during the next few years. His music career grew, and he worked on Marie Osmond’s hit “Give Me a Good Song” alongside her.

Dru Hill remained together and released InDRUpendance Day, their third album, on their own in 2010. Sisqó’s third album, Last Dragon, was released in 2015. With tracks like “L.I.P.s” and “A-List,” this album helped the singer return to the charts for the first time in years.

Sisqó was detained in 2003 after firing a shot from his porch at an automobile. When the cops came to look into it, he also resisted arrest. The musician claimed he was making music inside his home at the time of the incident, but authorities found gunpowder on his hands. He was then charged with assault in the first and second degrees, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest.

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He has a daughter named Shaione (born 1995) with Jamila Farid and a son named Ry (born 2012) with his girlfriend Elizabeth. In the music video for Thong Song, Shaione (or Shai as her family refers to her) plays a little child. In 2015, Sisqo, Elizabeth, and their family relocated to a small house in Minneapolis’ suburbs. In 2018, they got married. At the reception, Sisqo allegedly sang “Thong Song.”