Know James Khuri’s Net Worth, Career, Salary, Personal Life, and More!

Know James Khuri’s Net Worth, Career, Salary, Personal Life, and More!

James Khuri is a multi-billionaire American businessman. James has been dubbed a “serial entrepreneur” by Forbes, and he owns a number of companies. Currently, he is the CEO of FJ Holdings and Khuri Enterprises, two large corporations. James Khuri has a net worth of around $400 million as of 2022.

When Brendan Khuri was 15, he crashed his Lamborghini SUV into Monique Munoz. Following that, he was chastised for buying Brendan a Lamborghini for his birthday in 2020. People are familiar with him since he has a large social media following and frequently posts photographs of his opulent lifestyle. He even uses the term “influencer” to describe himself.

Khuri has been in the news recently due to his son’s misbehavior. He goes by the name Brendan Khuri. Under the hood of his $200K Lamborghini, the 17-year-old killed a woman named Monique Munoz. On his most recent birthday, Khuri presented him with an automobile.

James Khuri Net Worth: How Rich is Brendan Khuri's Father?

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Childhood of James Khuri

James Khuri was born in LA on December 26, 1975. His mother is Umaya. Fuad J. Khuri is his father’s name, and Umaya is his mother’s. Jane is the name of the girl. Khuri is not the only one who has a sibling.

Nobody knows how he grew up or what happened to him. He did, however, earn an MBA from Rochester’s Simon School of Business.

Now, he’s 46. Khuri’s child is her first. Brendan Khuri gave birth to a boy when he was seventeen years old. Brendan Khuri was his first name. Khuri’s first wife, Christine, died in a car accident. Christine’s son, Brendan, is a young man. They broke up in 2008, and Khuri hasn’t been in a relationship since then.

Brendon was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter by the LAPD just a few days ago.

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About James Khuri

He ventured into real estate after earning his MBA. He purchased medical and housing buildings in New York and Los Angeles in 2001. It ended up being beneficial to him.

Then he went on to make and sell the items at mercantile businesses. His major purpose was to make money by exchanging Pokemon cards. Sports cards, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! Through Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Mercari, he expanded his firm into the international market.

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Because he used Amazon to market his goods, they are now sold in 136 nations. Right now, he is the lone Amazon employee on the planet. It has also shown its support for him by hiring one of his employees. It’s not a joke when Amazon assists one of its own companies in running an internet platform.

Walmart has also requested his assistance with the “Fulfilled by Walmart” scheme. He’s been working on the idea through his company and has already processed 4,000 orders in a week, which is rather impressive.

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How much money does James Khuri have?

James Khuri has made a lot of money from his two large businesses. His e-commerce business concept is still in the works. Although his actual net worth is unknown, we may estimate that he will be worth over $400 million by 2022.

The personality of James Khuri

James Khuri has moved on from his previous relationship. In 2008, he divorced Christine, with whom he had been married. While they were together, James and Christine had a son named Brendan Khuri.

His son was just arrested for vehicular manslaughter by Los Angeles police. Brendan Khuri, his son, was arrested and charged. With his Lamborghini SUV, which his father, James Khuri, had given him, he struck Monique Munoz.

Christine refused the automobile shortly after he received a flashy sports car for his 17th birthday, and her new spouse apparently predicted the accident.


That concludes our discussion of James Khuri’s net worth, which is estimated to exceed $400 million by 2022. He’s a multibillionaire businessman with a lot of money and a lot of clouts. Stay up to date with us for additional information.