Skeleton Knight in Another World Manga Release Date Update + Manga Spoilers!

skeleton knight in another world manga

Written and illustrated by Enki Hakari, the Japanese light novel series called Skeleton Knight in Another World is based on the story of Gaikotsu Kishi, the protagonist of the story. In October of 2014, the user-generated novel publishing website Shsetsuka ni Nar began serializing it online. Overlap, an imprint of Overlap, has now published eleven volumes under the Overlap Novels banner since June 2015. Overlap’s Comic Gardo website has been serializing a manga adaptation with art by Akira Sawano since February 2017, and the nine tank on volumes have been released. Seven Seas Entertainment holds the North American rights to both the light novel and the manga. In April 2022, Studio Kai and Hornets debuted an anime television series adaptation.


English chapters of Skeleton Knight in Another World have been translated and are available for you to read on this page. is the fastest-updating source for Skeleton Knight in Another World. In a nutshell,

skeleton knight in another world manga

During the course of an online game, the main character fell asleep. As his video game persona appeared, he was shocked to find himself in a strange new world. After realizing that he had nothing but his strongest weapon and armor, he was in a state of shock. When he entered this new universe, our hero’s appearance was altered by a special avatar skin known as ‘Skeleton‘. The protagonist wished to live a quiet life, but after meeting the dark elf Ariana, he agreed to fulfill her wish. Overlord is a lot like this.

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Every time a gamer gets out of bed, he or she finds themselves in the avatar body they created for their online game. In the mirror of the river, he is horrified to find himself looking like a skeleton because of the particular avatar skin he applied. To avoid being recognized in a strange land, the player decides to disguise his appearance while he hunts for locals. In the distance, he notices some thugs attacking a gathering. The bandits were ready to rape two ladies when he decided to intervene, murdering the men in the process. Lauren, a noblewoman, and Rita Farren, her maid, introduce themselves.

skeleton knight in another world manga

The knight, who introduces himself as Arc, agrees to accompany the two ladies to Rubierute. Rita provides him with a copper passport, even though he declines a reward so that he can avoid seeing Lauren’s father, Buckle, which would be problematic if the noble demanded to see his face.

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Overlap’s Comic Gardo published Akira Sawano’s first chapter of the manga adaption, which is credited to KeG for the character designs, in July of 2022. Overlap grouped the separate chapters into tankōbon volumes; the first book was released in August 2017.

skeleton knight in another world manga

Skeleton Knight in Another World was licensed for North American distribution by Seven Seas Entertainment in September 2018.