Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

chainsaw man chapter 100 release datechainsaw man chapter 100 release date

War Devil made his series debut in the second installment of Chainsaw Man, which aired earlier this month. When the Devil of Justice kills Asa Mitaka, a normal high school student, the War Devil raises her from the dead and mutilates her nemesis. In the second part of the story, Mitaka says he’ll go after the Chainsaw Man.

A war demon has taken over half of Mitaka’s consciousness, and it might murder her at any time. However, for a little while, the Devil allows Mitaka to survive so that she might learn the truth about who Chainsaw Man really is. In order to find out more about Chainsaw Man, Mitaka can join the school’s Devil Hunters organization, confirmed by the War Devil. A look at the first two chapters suggests that the manga will continue Asa’s story before moving on to the Chainsaw Man. As a result, the next few chapters of the manga may focus on Asa Mitaka as the primary character. I can’t tell for sure what Tatsuki Fujimoto has planned for Part 2, but perhaps we’ll learn more about it in Chapter 100.

On Viz Media and Manga Plus, Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 will be freely available to read for the first time ever. The following chapter will be released on both platforms on July 27th, 2022, although for overseas fans, the release date will be July 26th due to the time difference. Chapter 100 will be released in your region on the following schedule:

Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 Release Date and Time

December 3, 2018, was the release date of Chainsaw Man, a prominent Japanese Manga series. After only a few episodes, this series gained such much traction that a new episode has been added. Yes! Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 has officially begun airing, with a few episodes already broadcast.

chainsaw man chapter 100 release date

Awed by this series, fans are anxious to know when Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 will be released, after the previous chapter’s debut. The next chapter, Chapter 100, is scheduled to be released when? On AUG 26, 2022, Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 will be out.

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Where to Watch Chainsaw Man Chapter 100?

To view the 100th episode of this web series, there are many online platforms that give the link to this website, and if you want it on the official website, Viz Media Manga Plus provides a free manga collection on the Viz Media website. Shueisha Shonen Jump+ subscriptions allow readers to read the latest issues as soon as they are released, but you must subscribe to the service in advance if you want to read them when they are released.

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What Happened in The Previous Episode?

in the previous episode, it was revealed that Benji and Benji are both students at the same school and that Benji’s debut will take place in two parts.

chainsaw man chapter 100 release date

a devil-killing mission assigned to three female friends called asa Mitaka and Hirofumi Yoshida in the previous episode provides them access to information and they succeed in murdering them. stay up to speed on the latest technology, science, and entertainment news by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 Review:

in the chainsaw man series, Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 stands out as one of the most dramatic chapters. Right after waking up, Mitaka was inconsolable about the disappearance of her scar. It was also revealed that the war demon that killed Mitaka but left her consciousness active so that it might wage war against Chainsaw Man was also shown.

chainsaw man chapter 100 release date

The war demon has now taken over Mitaka and she has understood that she is merely doing what the devil wants her to do. She’s now on her way to discover Chainsaw Man’s hideout. As time went on, we observed Mitaka squeezing into the Devil Hunter Club gathering with the help of her two companions. What is the likely outcome of this? Chainsaw Man’s 100th chapter has the answer.