Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date Update + Manga Spoilers !

Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date Update + Manga Spoilers !

Shikamaru just managed to keep his sanity in Chapter 69 before offering Eida a solution that will benefit Konoha and both of them. Shikamaru is attempting to bargain despite being thoroughly enthralled by Eida’s abilities. He knows that no one is immune to Eida’s jutsu, so he begs Ino to keep Naruto and Sasuke away at all costs. What strategy has he devised to get out of this untenable situation? Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 70 will reveal this.

Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date

Kawaki, on the other hand, is completely uninformed about the issue. He’s physically fit, and he’s already awoken from his seemingly endless slumber. Naruto decided not to engage him in the battle, so he left Kawaki in the care of Sumire. Konoha appears to be unable to fully rely on the new generation of shinobis, and the adults have once again assumed responsibility for the village’s protection.

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers And Speculations

The conversations between Shikamaru and Eida will continue in Boruto manga Chapter 70. Shikamaru will probably beg her to switch sides in return for her turning over Kawaki. Even if Eida betrays him, Code cannot oppose her will because he is now under her genjutsu. We’ll also learn more about Amado and Eida’s connection. The hypothesis that Amado is Eida’s daughter and that he transformed her into a cyborg to save her life has me quite persuaded. Amado’s emotions reveal that he has no idea that Eida is still alive.

Meanwhile, Kawaki is just a matter of time until he discovers what’s going on in the hamlet. He’ll get through Sumire’s checkpoints and appear on the battlefield. He is the only one who can alter the battle’s fortunes because he is immune to Eida. Boruto Chapter 70 raw images and spoilers are still unavailable. They usually appear 3-4 days before the official publication of the chapter. So keep an eye out on Monday, May 16, 2022.

Release Date for Boruto Chapter 70

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, Boruto manga Chapter 70 is set to be released. Every month on or around the 20th, new chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are released. Don’t miss any chapters since the manga is now examining the powers and backstories of the newly revealed villains.

9 a.m. Pacific Time
11 a.m. Central Time; 12 p.m. Eastern Time
5 p.m. in the United Kingdom

Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date
The raw scans for Boruto Chapter 70 have yet to be released. As soon as the raw scans are available, we’ll update the article. The scanlation process takes time, but it will only take a few hours for a popular title like Boruto. The scans are stolen from Japan and then translated by translators all across the world before being made available online. We’ll keep a lookout for them and provide spoilers as soon as we have them. Meanwhile, for the most up-to-date news and information, go to its official subreddit, r/Boruto.

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Boruto Chapter 70 Online Manga

The following official platforms allow fans to read Boruto Chapter 70 manga online, with the most recent three chapters available for free.
Naruto Next Generations: Boruto Naruto Uzumaki’s ambition to become a Hokage, the representatives of Secret Leaf Village, which he struggled to safeguard during his youth, came true. Naruto and his friends now live in a peaceful world, working to maintain a global cease-fire based on goodwill and diplomacy.

The elderly hero, on the other hand, pays a personal price for his immobility. Even the famous warriors of Naruto’s day, including his own son Boruto, must struggle with their angry children as mediocre parents in order to keep the neutral planet.


Unlike his father, Boruto Uzumaki lives in a parallel reality. The difference between the two is a different matter. Boruto is setting the road for the future, striving to build a name for himself while bad forces threaten the peace that his father managed to establish, all while dealing with a society that takes pride in being the son of the Hokage.

Let’s start with a recap of what happened in Chapter 70:-

  •  Naruto seems surprised by what has occurred to Boruto and rushes toward his son’s obviously unresponsive corpse.
  • Meanwhile, Code is taken aback since he didn’t anticipate Kawaki to restore his karma, much less that he’d be prepared to kill Boruto, a potential Divine Tree sacrifice.

Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date

  •  Code resolves to flee and releases Shikamaru, but just as he is ready to teleport via his Claw mark, Kawaki’s Sukunahikona shrinks his claw markings, rendering them ineffective.
  • Kawaki then informs Code that anybody who poses a threat to the Seventh Hokage’s life would be killed and that if he can murder even Boruto, whom he considers a brother, there is no way he will let Code go away.

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Recap of Boruto Chapter 69

Chapter 69 begins with a brief battle between Eida and Delta until Delta succumbs to Eida’s abilities. Meanwhile, Amado is stunned to see Eida alive after such a long time. Amado tells Shikamaru what he knows about Eida’s abilities thanks to Ino’s Jutsu. However, it is too late for him to make any changes. Even a skilled shinobi like Shikamaru is unable to challenge Eida’s dominance.

Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date

Sasaki returns from his observation a few hundred meters away and speaks with Boruto about what transpired. He hadn’t expected Kawaki to go so far as to assassinate Boruto in order to protect Konoha. Furthermore, Sasuke holds no one responsible for the situation’s deterioration save himself. As a mark of his regret, he begs Boruto to keep his headband. Sarada feels envious of his father’s preference for Boruto over her.