Life-Altering Beauty Hacks We’ve Learned From Derms, Makeup Artists, and More

Life-Altering Beauty Hacks We've Learned From Derms, Makeup Artists, and More

You will undoubtedly learn some beauty tips and tricks if you work in the beauty field for a long enough time. As beauty editors, we frequently speak with almost everyone in the business, from dermatologists to nail technicians. Each of us has acquired tips and tricks along the way that we have carried with us and incorporated into our daily routines.

The hacks I’ve discovered have been absolutely mind-blowing for me. I’ve discovered a way to firm and plump my lips, style my waves to make them ideally beachy, and make my dry skin seem so radiant that it looks illuminated from within (sans fillers).

Fortunately, some of my coworkers have learned beauty tips over the years as well (including a glow-enhancing tip from J.Lo’s makeup artist). To find out our top tips and how to simplify your own beauty routine, keep reading.

Associate Beauty Editor Katie Berohn

Life-Altering Beauty Hacks We've Learned From Derms, Makeup Artists, and More

The trick: use hot water to add more moisture. My skin is extremely dry and prone to peeling and splitting. But there is a catch: Hyaluronic acid only really works if there is moisture for it to draw from. Hyaluronic acid is such a game changer for me.

In fact, if you apply it on dry skin, it might have a temporary plumping effect before making your face look drier. Use hyaluronic acid to absorb all that moisture after misting your face with water or a moisturizing spray. I first saw Charlotte Palermino do this on Instagram because I trust her completely when it comes to dry skin, and when I gave it a try, I never looked back.

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Applying Body Lotion to Damp Skin Is the Trick

This is fairly similar to my hyaluronic acid hack, however, you should try it if your skin remains dry despite your best efforts to hydrate it. Use lotion after your shower, when your skin is still damp, and before drying off.

You can use any lotion for this, but I will always tell everyone who will listen to try Curél’s Wet Skin Moisturizer. It is very moisturizing, simple to apply, and leaves no residue on your towel.

The Trick Is to Style Curls and Waves on Wet Hair

My hair has always been curly, but no one has ever shown me how to style it. I’ve never been one to do much to my hair, but I used to think that because I only brushed through my waves, my natural curl pattern was incredibly erratic and odd-looking.

When she told me to scrunch the product into my wet waves to style them last summer, April Story, a hairstylist at the Fekkai Salon in Soho, altered my life forever. My hair has never looked better since that time.

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The Trick Is to Apply Eye Cream to Your Lips

A makeup artist told me when I first started in the beauty industry that they always use eye cream on their lips. I was immediately interested because I have to wear a lip mask to sleep and become anxious if my purse doesn’t have lip balm.

I’ve been doing this for three years now, and I believe it has significantly improved the firmness, fullness, and definition of my lips. One of the simplest tricks to work into your routine is this one. Simply glide any eye cream that remains on your finger onto your lips after applying it under your eyes. I enjoy covering it with a lip mask to lock it in.

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Peel Pads Before Makeup Is the Trick

Life-Altering Beauty Hacks We've Learned From Derms, Makeup Artists, and More

I had to purchase some after learning from a few celebrity makeup artists that these facial radiance pads are actually the key to their clients’ radiant looks on the red carpet. For any flawless makeup look, many of them emphasize the necessity of skin preparation, and this essential tool really reinforced that for me.

If I’m planning to wear makeup, I apply them right before my serum and moisturizer, and I was pleasantly pleased by the impact they made. With that low tag, you truly have nothing to lose, and anytime I use them, my foundation simply glides and blends more easily on the skin.