Tough as Nails Season 2 – All You Should Know

Tough as Nails Season 2 – All You Should Know

Tough as Nails: Season 1 may have just ended, but fans are already eagerly anticipating Season 2.

You put a group of hardworking Americans in a game show with a cash prize on a job site? It’s a win-win situation.

Tough as Nails’ first season just ended on CBS, but fans are already wondering when season 2 will premiere.

There were fears that Tough as Nails might be canceled by CBS after a dramatic drop in viewers from the premiere to the finale. Nonetheless, in the second half of season 1, the show maintained a good 0.5 rating and maintained a decent viewership.

Despite the decline, we believed CBS would terminate a show with such strong ratings. Plus, the network is in need of a new type of competition series, and for around $250,000, it’s a solid value-for-money investment that fits the bill beautifully.

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Season 1 was ordered in early October 2019 and premiered in early July 2020. Season 2 is expected to release in May or June, assuming a similar production calendar.

The problem was that the whole production, including casting and filming, took place prior to the outbreak. We might expect the premiere to be pushed back until late summer 2021, given that television series around the country are currently experiencing delays.

Tough as Nails: How to Apply…

You can attend the casting tour dates in several locations after passing the eligibility exam on the website – for season 1, they were in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas.

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Season 2 applications are expected to open in November, however, due to the current public health crisis, this could be postponed.