The Ending Of Doom Patrol Season 2 – Explanation

The Ending Of Doom Patrol Season 2 – Explanation

In the season 2 finale of Doom Patrol, the fate of the team was placed in the hands of two little girls, causing a ruckus.

The first season of Jeremy Carver’s DC Comics adaptation wove the tragic pasts and present of super-powered outcasts Jane (Diane Guerrero), Rita Farr (April Bowlby), Vic Stone (Joivan Wade), Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk), Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan), and Niles Colder, also known as the Chief (Timothy Olyphant).

Following the season 1 reveal that the Chief was behind almost everyone’s abilities and the devastating conditions that gave birth to them, the Doom Patrol’s foul-mouthed robot, gelatinous and insecure former Hollywood starlet, half-man half-deadly-machine, a former pilot and current shell for sentient negative energy, and girl with 64 gifted personalities emotionally spin out in season 2.

The Doom Patrol, enraged by their former commander, set out to reclaim their identities and address their emotional issues by confronting their pasts and first families head-on. Most people face a variety of issues, from rejection to near-death situations, and they typically return to the house with more worries than when they initially arrived. Dorothy Spinner, the Chief’s half-human daughter, joins the squad in the meanwhile (Abigail Shapiro). Dorothy’s incredible and dangerous capacity to summon the substance of her dreams and nightmares is shown soon after she arrives. Worse, she’s not very good at dealing with it.

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The Doom Patrol has been through its own childhood traumas.

Despite the fact that Doom Patrol is about a superhero team, several of the characters in season two embarked on solo missions. In episode 9, everyone gets back together to help the Chief stop whatever is trying to get away from Dorothy. The father-daughter team has been attempting to capture the ancient, enigmatic, and terrifying creature throughout the season, but it isn’t until they arrive at a carnival where Dorothy and the Chief were last that the true nature of what they were up against becomes apparent. After being freed from Dorothy’s thoughts now that she’s “no longer a child,” The Candlemaker (played by Lex Lang) has covered the entire festival grounds with wax. For those who have managed to escape the fast-drying casket, the Candlemaker has conjured up childhood imagined friends, which it uses as bait before turning the mental illusions on their creators.

The Doom Patrol will also meet this fate. Following their decision to split up, each member of the group goes on a quest for Niles and Dorothy in an attempt to save them. The Candlemaker, unfortunately, is the first to reach them. Because he lacks an imaginary companion, Larry is the first to have the wax treatment. Cliff meets a profane Jesus, Vic, a comforting cowboy replica of his father, and Rita, a terrifying paper Fashion Doll with her mother’s eyes. The Candlemaker’s heat scorches them all, no matter how hard they try.

The truth about the main character was revealed before Jane.

After the majority of the squad has been wiped off, Jane is the lone team member who has survived. Despite the struggle taking place outside her mind, Jane’s major battle takes place inside a dark well in her mind that appears to have regenerated a suicidal personality named Miranda. Jane and the other personalities were established to protect a small child named Kay, and the dominating figure has re-emerged from a well earlier in the season to reclaim her proper duty as the primary caregiver for her.

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Jane has always been self-conscious about her external appearance, owing to her deceiving and hidden personality. However, we learn how Miranda died in the Doom Patrol season 2 finale — and, even more shocking, that she’s still dead, despite what Jane sees.

Jane can see how Miranda pushed Kay’s old dominant personality into the mental wellness of Kay’s trauma, and how she died. Miranda was the first to act to protect Kay, but she fell engaged with an abusive man and lost sight of her goal. Miranda was consequently degraded by the other personalities from her position inside the system. In the girl’s mind, Jane rescues the day, while Miranda throws herself down a well. Jane and the other personalities believe Miranda survived the fall when she reappears after years, but as Kay discovers, it is not Miranda who reappears.

As the little youngster navigates her mind’s “Underground” subway tunnels, Jane’s “station” has been locked up. She turns around to continue her hunt and comes face to face with Miranda. “Are you Miranda?” asks the narrator. When Kay inquires, whoever — or whatever — looks to be Miranda shakes their head and says, “No.”

Dorothy confronts the Candlemaker’s fire on her own.

Outside Jane’s thoughts, Dorothy is engaged in her own war. Despite her earlier attempts to hide from her mind, it is now time to confront the Candlemaker and her coming of age. If his daughter confronts the monster, Niles is concerned that she will perish. The young girl’s meta-human mother, on the other hand, appears like an apparition and encourages her daughter to fight and stand her ground.

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Dorothy has lived most of her life in a safe bubble, surrounded by her own upbringing. Fearing Dorothy’s powers and potential, Niles imprisoned her first on Danny, a magical sentient street, and then in his mansion when it fell apart. Dorothy, on the other hand, has never been able to keep the Chief under control, nor has she ever been able to keep herself under control.

It’s becoming clear that she’ll have to dress up and use her imagination to combat something much older and presumably more powerful than herself if she wants to stop the Candlemaker, which means she’ll have to dress up and use her imagination to fight something much older and presumably more powerful than herself. Niles begs Dorothy not to enter into the flames and confront the terrifying monster, while Dorothy’s mother hands her a gun. Instead of accepting it, she invents her own. Soon after, she marches towards a bonfire’s glowing embers, but the Candlemaker’s massive hand snatches her and they vanish.

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The Doom Patrol season 2 finale wasn’t planned to be as abrupt as it was.

Doom Patrol wasn’t supposed to finish like this, thus it’s a dramatic cliffhanger. When it was revived for a second season, the DC Comics show was given a 10-episode order and aired weekly on DC Universe and HBO Max. However, only nine episodes were made available, with “Wax Patrol” abruptly ending the emotional and action-packed season.

The closure of Hollywood due to the coronavirus outbreak was later revealed to be the reason for Doom Patrol’s second run being cut short by a single story. Despite the fact that the writers had envisioned a more conclusive finale, showrunner Carver and the rest of the team were forced to come up with a new one due to the fear of production shut down.

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“We were able to pivot and make sure that episode 9 would be just as satisfying of a season finale as if we had gone on to episode 10,” Carver told TV Line. “There were a few more loose ends than if we’d gone all the way to episode 10, but we were very happy with how we were able to frame it to give us a satisfying season finale.”

Unfortunately, Doom Patrol has not been renewed for a third season, so despite Carver’s best attempts, that heartbreaking cliffhanger may be the show’s final chapter. “There’s plenty there to please folks,” the showrunner stated, adding that he and the rest of the Doom Patrol team have more stories to tell.