One of the most well-liked casts of their family program, Little People, Big World, was Audrey and Jeremy. They made the decision to quit the reality TV industry a few years ago, but they remain in contact with their audience. They frequently post updates about their everyday activities on social media and have both been quite active users.

Recently, Audrey and Jeremy gave a distressing update about an unfortunate incident on Instagram. Their farm in Oregon apparently caught fire, and things quickly got tense. Is the family of the LPBW couple safe? What started this threatening fire?


LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Talk About A Dangerous Farmhouse Fire

The famed family conflict has appeared in recent seasons of LPBW. Zach and Jeremy desired to continue the history and take over the farm. They were forced to abandon their family property because they were unable to reach an agreement with Matt.

Jeremy moved to a $1.5 million farm in Hillsboro, Oregon as a result. The pair has since frequently displayed their incredibly pricey farm on social media. Recently, Audrey disclosed on Instagram that nearby fields caught fire, creating a frightening situation. Jeremy described how firefighters were frantically putting out the fires while sprinting around their outdoor area.

Apparently, Jeremy was on vacation and had to return because of the blazing fire immediately. He posted a clip in which bushes and grass were in flames while his backyard was filled with ashes and smoke. The former LPBW star admitted that the only reason he returned was to put out the small bushfire. In addition, Audrey published a carousel of images and acknowledged that the day had been busy.

She reassured her worried audience that everything was in order and that everything was fine at this point. Even worse, Auj posted a picture of her husband’s burned Crocs and torn jeans. However, fans took a sigh of relief after they got to know that at least Audrey, Jeremy, and their kids were safe and did t face a big loss.

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LPBW: Was It Because Of Audrey & Jeremy s Carelessness?

LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy s house is really close to a forest. Hence, there have been several instances when fans slammed them for not being cautious enough. Fans recently observed Jeremy really felling trees near his home.

Hence, several users speculated that perhaps he ignited them with fire. Some fans even took this matter to Reddit and discussed the possibilities of this mishap. One of my followers hypothesized that it might be related to the fire pit Audrey and Jeremy have in their mansion.

Another one wondered, He probably dropped his matches. Several fans even pointed out that Jeremy went to control the fire in Crocs. Apparently, Crocs are made up of something that usually should t be worn near blazing flames.

Someone even noted that Audrey and Jeremy tend to have bonfires quite often. Hence, there is a fair chance that one of their bonfires resulted in a huge disaster. However, for now, the stars have t revealed the actual reason, and these are just fans’ predictions. What is your opinion? Please tell us in the comments.