Doom Patrol Season 3 – Everything We Should Know

Doom Patrol Season 3 – Everything We Should Know

Since all good things must come to an end, Season 2 of Doom Patrol is no exception. The season ended on the mother of all cliffhangers, with Dorothy Caulder (Abigail Shapiro), Niles Caulder’s (Timothy Dalton) daughter, prepared to face the Candlemaker (voiced by Lex Lang), who had trapped the rest of the crew in wax. Jane (Diane Guerrero) had her own problems, as her current main personality Miranda (Samantha Ware) was revealed to be the predatory Daddy (David MacDonald).

The season was not supposed to end like that. According to executive producer Jeremy Carver, the coronavirus epidemic had an impact on the plot because everyone was rushing to wrap the show as soon as possible. Even so, it’d be enough. “We knew we were facing a possible shutdown while working on episode 9,” he said to TV Line. “As a result, we were able to pivot and make Episode 9 as a season finale as satisfying as Episode 10. We had a few more loose ends than if we’d gone all the way to the end of Episode 10, but we were happy with how we were able to structure it to create a satisfying finale to the season.”

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The one-episode season is fantastic, and it leaves us wondering what will happen to Cliff (Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan), Rita (April Bowlby), Larry (Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk), Cyborg (Joivan Wade), and the rest of the gang in the future. Neither DC Universe nor HBO Max has confirmed a third season of Doom Patrol as of this writing (August 11, 2020), but there are some suggestions as to what a new round of episodes might look like.

So far, here’s everything we know about Doom Patrol’s third season.

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What is the release date for Doom Patrol Season 3?

While the first weekend of DC FanDome yielded no tangible progress on the renewal front, the second weekend, which took place on September 12, offered the best possible news: Doom Patrol has been renewed for season 3.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the third installment of this eccentric journey through DC’s B-sides will debut exclusively on WarnerMedia’s new streaming channel, HBO Max.

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The first season of Doom Patrol began on February 15, 2019, and the second season will premiere on June 25, 2020. This permits us to estimate that a new season will take around a year and a half to develop. Season 3 of Doom Patrol could debut in the fall of 2021 or the spring of 2022, depending on how quickly the show can go into production. We promise that it will be well worth the wait.

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Season 3 of Doom Patrol will feature who?

Cliff, Jane, Rita, Larry, Cyborg, and Niles Caulder will very probably be reprised by Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Matt Bomer, Joivan Wade, and Timothy Dalton if Doom Patrol gets renewed for a third season. Abigail Shapiro as Dorothy and Lex Lang as the monster Candlemaker’s voice are both expected to return because the second season ended on a cliffhanger. Because the storyline inside Jane’s head is still unresolved, Samantha Ware will undoubtedly return as the Miranda personality. Given that Miranda is a cover for the terrifying, destructive Daddy, David MacDonald (Jane’s biological father) could make an appearance.

Season 3 will almost certainly see several of the Doom Patrol’s big supporting cast return. Danny the Street/Brick/Tire and his ilk still exist, and some of the most well-known “Dannyzens,” such as Devan Chandler Long’s Flex Mentallo, could appear at any time. Willoughby Kipling, played by Mark Sheppard, is virtually expected to appear, as he hinted to a catastrophic, cataclysmic event in Season 2.

There’s also one intriguing Doom Patrol character who is still alive after spending the whole second season encased in a painting. Mr. Nobody, played by Alan Tudyk, is a fourth-wall-breaking, reality-bending supervillain with narrating abilities. If the writers (and Tudyk) decide to return to the multi-faceted Nobody in a third season, the source material provides a wealth of possibilities. Who knows, maybe he’ll bring Beard Hunter, Tommy Snider’s sidekick.