The Reaction to Florence Pugh’s Sheer Dress Was Described as Loudly Abusive!

The reaction to Florence Pugh's sheer dress was described as "loudly abusive."

As a result of her appearance at Valentino’s Haute Couture Fall/Winter 22/23 presentation in Rome in a sheer pink tulle Valentino gown, Florence Pugh has been the target of “vulgar” and “loudly nasty” attacks.

“Don’t Worry, Darling” star Anne Hathaway, Ariana DeBose, Naomi Campbell, and Andrew Garfield attended the fashion presentation on Friday. As “Barbiecore” sweeps over Hollywood and the fashion world, her on-theme dress—which bares her breasts—received accolades from several magazines and journals.

After the Show’s Debut,

she posted a series of Instagram photos of her floor-length gown, with the caption, “Technically they’re covered?”

It’s been “fascinating to watch,” the actress writes in a lengthy Instagram statement she posted this morning, as hundreds have attempted to tear her down with thinly veiled comments about her clothing, largely from men. “In case you were afraid of my nipples, here’s some more,” she wrote in her Instagram Story accompanying the photo.

The reaction to Florence Pugh's sheer dress was described as "loudly abusive."

When I wore that gorgeous Valentino dress, there was no way I wasn’t going to get some kind of commentary on it, she said. We were all aware of what we were doing, favorable or negative.

I was so ecstatic to put it on that I didn’t even think about how nervous I was. The truth is that I wasn’t ever any of those things in the past.”

Astonishingly, “Dune: Part Two’s” actress said, “is how easily men can completely damage a woman’s body in public, proudly, for everyone to see.” What about your employment titles and e-mail addresses in your biography?

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