The Cause of Death of YouTuber Kevin Samuels Has Been Unveil!

The Cause of Death of YouTuber Kevin Samuels Has Been Unveil!

More details have emerged about the death of YouTuber Kevin Samuels. According to his autopsy, which E! News got on July 18, the 53-year-death old’s was caused by hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure. There was no foul play in the death.

Following an Atlanta Police Department reaction to reports of “a person hurt,” on May 5th, Kevin died away. A male, who was unconscious and laying on the floor of his flat, was being given CPR when the cops arrived. The victim was later recognized as a YouTuber by a lady at the home.

Beverly Samuels-Burch, Kevin’s mother, told NBC News that he had died on May 6th. For a time, Beverly wouldn’t discuss the loss of her son, saying only that she learned of it via social media. “That was a poor decision by social media. Not even I realized it. even though I hadn’t received a notice from the “NBC News spoke with her. It’s nothing more than a plea for prayers on my part.

Known for His Outspoken Views on Dating

Kevin has over one million followers on Instagram. An outraged 35-year-old single Black mother had sought guidance on how to meet a man making the same six-figure salary as her. He insulted her. He died shortly after.

The Cause of Death of YouTuber Kevin Samuels Has Been Unveil!

According to a YouTube video he posted in December 2020, he asked the question, “Why would a man who is in the top 10 percent of income, who ladies all across the country desire, want that?” After that, he proceeded to address her by her first name “Women like you die alone, straight up,” he said, “Average-looking at best.” Because you believe that you are superior to the guys who are eligible for this position.” Image consultant and influencer, that’s how he positioned himself.

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