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The “Botched” Star Paul Nassif Reveals That His Older Brother Chris Passed Away Suddenly!

The "Botched" Star Paul Nassif Reveals That His Older Brother Chris Passed Away Suddenly!

Chris Nassif, Paul Nassif’s older brother, has died. It was confirmed on Twitter by the Botched star on Thursday that Chris, a talent agent, had died on Wednesday. As Paul, his 60-year-old brother and uncle, wrote on Twitter: “He was a loving brother, father, husband, and uncle. “The Nassif family appreciates your respecting their privacy at this time, as this awful occurrence has caused us all great pain.”

On Instagram, Nassif wrote a lengthy post on how much Chris meant to him.

“I lost my big brother, unexpectedly, yesterday,” he said. “Words can’t begin to explain the loss that my family, his friends, and I are experiencing right now,” he continued.

When I was a kid and everyone else was obsessed with superheroes, Chris Nassif was my hero. He was my role model and I followed in his footsteps when he graduated from the University of Southern California. Later, when he started his very own talent agency at the age of 22, Chris represented stars like Sofa Vergara, Luke Perry, Ricky Martin, and the list goes on. “Chris Nassif was, and always will be, a legend.” It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to meet him.”

As soon as Nassif mentioned how successful his brother had been as a filmmaker, he went on to reveal more about Chris. “When the stakes are high, there is no one like your big brother to protect you,” he said. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for our family. Remember that you never know when you can lose someone who means everything to you, so never take a moment for granted.” One of the few things Nassif has to say: “I only had one brother, and he was the best brother I could’ve dreamed for,” he says. “He helped raise me.” “I love you always dear brother @cnassif59,” he continues.

His Death Has yet To Be Determined.

It wasn’t long after graduating from the University of Southern California that Chris launched his own talent agency. CNA and Diverse Talent Group have been under his leadership for more than three decades.

His interest in law enforcement prompted him to join the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a reserve deputy, as well as the Inglewood School Police Department, according to his official website. One of his roles was to serve on the Homeland Security Advisory Council Region 1, which advises the federal government on national security issues. Chris worked on productions including Jeepers Creepers III, Category 5, and Larger Than Life: The Suge Knight Story as a producer while working in the entertainment industry.

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