The Producer SteveJ Net Worth: Personal Life, Career, Child Support Problem and More Details

The Producer SteveJ Net Worth: Personal Life, Career, Child Support Problem and More Details

Steve Aaron Jordan is better known as Stevie J. He’s a 50-year-old American record producer, DJ, singer, and TV personality. He has worked with a lot of well-known artists, like Tevin Campbell, Mariah Carey, 112, Faith Evans, Eve, and Jay-Z, to name a few. There are many people who say that Stevie is one of the best record producers from the mid to late 1990s.

Early life

When Stevie J was born, he was named Steven Aaron Jordan. He was born on November 2, 1971, in Utica, New York, in the US. He was born to Penny Daniels and Moses Jordan. New York is where Stevie was born and raised. He lived in two cities: Buffalo and Rochester. After his mother left him and his father, he was raised by his father. Mike J. is also his brother.


When Sean “P Diddy” Combs found Stevie J in the early 1990s, he gave him a chance. Because Stevie J is a producer and a writer for Bad Boy Records, Diddy added him to the Hitman team. 112. is an R&B group. He made the single “Only You.” The Notorious B.I.G. played a part in that song. In the end, Stevie J made Biggie’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” “Nasty Boy,” “Notorious Thugs,” “Another,” “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You),” and “Last Day” because of this.

steve j intro

Stevie J made a lot of songs on Diddy’s first album, “No Way Out,” including “I’ll Be Missing You,” a song about the Notorious B.I.G. A Grammy Award was given to him for his album with Chris Combs in 1997.

Mariah Carey has also worked with Jordan on songs. When he did work on “Butterfly,” he was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1997. This is how he made the first single “Honey.” He also made “Breakdown” and “Baby Doll.” When he did this the next year, he made Carey’s album “#1’s” with “I Still Believe” and “Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going).”

“I’ll Be Missing You,” “Honey” and “Mo Money, Mo Problems” were all at the top of the charts from June 14 to September 1997.

Stevie J has also worked with a lot of other artists, like Beyonce, J-Z, Lil’Kim, and Brian McKnight, to make music.

Stevie J has made or helped make more than 60 hit songs, and he still has an impact on the hip-hop industry today.

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” first aired on VH1 in 2012, and Stevie J was one of the stars. This is how his story on the show went: He was in a love triangle with Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez. During the show’s first season, he was dating Mimi and also had a new girlfriend named Joseline Hernandez. Because of the show’s start, Stevie J and Joseline have become a popular couple in the world of hip hop.


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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s second spin-off, “Stevie J and Joseline: Go Hollywood,” premiered on VH1 on January 25, 2016. It is the second show to be based on the show. When Stevie and Joseline lived in LA, the show told about their lives. They were preparing for their movie project, “That Time of the Month.” It aired for one season with eight episodes. The first episode of his show “Leave It to Stevie” aired on VH1 on December 19, 2016. You can say it was the third show to come out of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” ‘Leave It to Stevie’ aired for two seasons with eight episodes in each.

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Personal life

In the past, Stevie J has been linked to Eve, Alex Martin (Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter), Mimi Faust, and Joseline Hernandez as a lover. His name has been rumored to be the subject of Eve’s song “Got a Man.”

Jordan has had six children with five different women, and they all live together. When he had a child with Rhonda Henderson, he named him Dorian Henderson-Jordan. Dorian was born in 1995. His daughter with Felicis Stover was born in 1995. When he married Carol Antoinette Bennett, he had a son and a daughter. His son, Steven Jordan Jr., was born in 1997. Daughter Eva Giselle Jordan was born in 2009. She was born with Mimi Faust in 2009. Her mother, Joseline Hernandez, gave birth to a daughter in 2016.

In 2014, he gave Faith Evans $75,000 to help her buy a house. Joseline Hernandez ransacked his house in the early part of 2016. His clothes and other things were destroyed by bleach because he was recording with Faith Evans in a studio and she was angry that they were there together. Joseline also got her hands on a $10,000 Bad Boy jacket that was a gift from Diddy, 20 pairs of shoes, and $15k worth of Versace china.

In 2018, he married Faith Evans, a friend he’s known for 20 years.

stevie j wife

he has a son called Dorian. His son, Zion, is his grandson from Dorian.

Stevie J was given temporary custody of his daughter with Hernandez in August 2019. Hernandez posted a racy picture of herself with her hand down her bikini bottoms with the caption “Oh me so Horny,” which is a reference to the 1989 hit song “Me So Horny” by the Miami-based hip hop group 2 Live Crew. Stevie J thought this was bad behavior for a mother of a young child.

Stevie J has issues with child support

There were arrests in June of 2014 in Georgia because Stevie J didn’t pay over $1 million in child support to his ex-girlfriend, who is now his ex-girlfriend. Two children were born to Stevie and his ex. One was born in 1997, and the other was born in 1998. It was 1999 when they broke up and a judge told Stevie J to pay $6600 a month for their kids. Finally, that payment was raised to $8500. Over the next 13 years, Stevie didn’t pay any of the debt he had.

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Stevie J Net worth

It’s worth $5 million. Stevie J is a Grammy-winning producer of hip-hop music, a singer, songwriter, DJ, and TV producer who has won awards for his work.

NetWorth: $5 Million

Born on Nov. 2, 1971: (50 years old)

Gender: Male

Profession: Record producer, musician, singer, songwriter, composer, actor

Origin: United States.