Sofia Richie and Her Fiance Elliot Grainge Have a Double Date with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden!

Sofia Richie and Her Fiance Elliot Grainge Have a Double Date with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden!

Elliot Grainge enjoyed dinner with Sofia and Elliot’s sister Nicole Richie and Nicole’s husband Joel Madden at a prominent restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

Elliot Grainge, 24, and Sofia Richie, 23, went on a date with their families on June 30. At Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California, the model and her fiancé were joined by her sister Nicole Richie, 40, and her sister’s husband, Joel Madden, 43. This outing saw the bride-to-be wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, tan pants with her hands on her soon-to-be-tan husband’s vest, black pants, and black and white sneakers.

 Nicole and Joel Dressed to Impress for The Date

Black pants and heeled boots complemented her off-the-shoulder top with long sleeves. He was dressed all in black, from his shirt to his jacket to his slacks to his sneakers to his baseball cap.

Both women wore their hair in a low ponytail and a flattering face of makeup. Arriving and departing, they were relaxed and close to each other, although they didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the photographers. Photographs of both couples were taken outside the restaurant as they walked around in the evening light.

Sofia Richie and Her Fiance Elliot Grainge Have a Double Date with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden!

After a source told us that Nicole has been helping her younger sister with her wedding planning since she got engaged in April, Sofia and Elliot’s outing with Nicole and Joel comes as no surprise. “Nicole Richie has been loving every minute of helping her sister Sofia plan her dream wedding to Elliot Grainge,” the source EXCLUSIVELY told It has brought them closer than they’ve ever been because they used to speak of getting married when they were small girls. Sofia admires Nicole’s sense of style and understands how important it is for her to look her best on her wedding day.

The big day was made even more spectacular by the presence of Sofia Richie’s brother Miles and her father Lionel Richie, who helped out with the details. Sofia’s wedding day has received a lot of influence from both Nicole and Miles, a second insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. She can’t imagine going through this process without her family’s aid along the way, but she is making the ultimate decisions on every last aspect, of course. Lionel has also been exceedingly kind, and he frequently expresses his excitement about seeing his baby sister tie the knot. Sofia and Elliot couldn’t have asked for a better match when it came to their union. Since they’ve gone public, they’ve had an outpouring of support from friends and family. ”

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