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Do You Remember Shamony Gibson? When and How Did Shamony Gibson Pass Away Exactly?

shamony gibson cause of death

Shamony Gibson, a co-founder of “Artful living,” a company that promotes art as a way of life, is recalled as a “kind, forceful, and sturdy presence in her family.” She finished her studies at New York University with her seven-year partner Omari Maynard, with whom she also had two children. Her mother is Shawnee Benton-Gibson, a supporter of reproductive rights in New York City.

On September 23, 2019, Shamony gave birth to her second child at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn. While getting ready for surgery, she told her mother that “the doctors had briefly struggled to place an IV in her hand, maybe owing to a blood clot,” even though it looked like she had given birth without incident.

After giving birth, she was taking anti-coagulants and wearing compression clothes. Her mother talked to her about pulmonary embolisms even though she experienced postpartum fatigue and shortness of breath, but the doctors gave her no diagnosis.

Shamony Gibson Cause of Death

Two Weeks After Giving Birth, Shamony Gibson, 30, Went Unexpectedly from A Pulmonary Embolism. After the Birth of Her Child, She Complained About the Symptoms for A Fortnight, but The Doctors Never Gave Her the Attention She Needed.

The Night Before Her Health Deteriorated and She Was Taken to The Hospital, Her Mother Told the First Responders Who Arrived at Their House in Response to The 911 Call that She Was Likely Suffering from A Pulmonary Embolism. but Her Concerns Were Not Taken Into Account.

My Best Friend

Early in October, Gibson Passed out While Watching Tv in The Bedford-Stuyvesant Apartment She Shared with Her Boyfriend and Their Kids. She Was Revived by Ems Personnel, Who Then Took Her Urgently to Interfaith Medical Center, Which Was Nearby.

Doctors Discovered Blood Clots in Her Legs and Lungs There. 14 Hours Later, on October 6, Two Weeks After the Birth of Her Baby, Gibson Passed Away.

According to Her Mother, the Artist Was “extremely Witty” and “liked to Sing.”

Her Mother Had Suspected a Pulmonary Embolism as The Cause of Death. Thirty Was Her Age. Omari Maynard, Their Father and Gibson’s Longtime Companion, Is the Primary Caregiver for Her Kids. Benton-Gibson, 51, Remarked, “She Was Quite Fiery Like Myself. She Was My Closest Companion.

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Stark Disparities Persist

On Thursday, Benton-Gibson Participated in #hear Us, a Virtual Pre-Grandparents Day Event to Raise Awareness to Black Maternal Mortality. Benton-Gibson Is One of Many Grandmothers Left to Care for Their Grandchildren Following the Unexpected Deaths of Their Own Daughters.

Black Women in New York City Are Eight Times More Likely than White Women to Pass Away from Problems Connected to Pregnancy. the Amount Exceeds the Discrepancy Noted at The National Level.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Estimate that Problems Connected to Pregnancy Kill 700 Women in The Country Every Year.

Two-Thirds of Those Deaths, According to The Cdc’s Estimates, Take Place in The Days and Weeks Following Delivery, and Nearly Two-Thirds of Deaths Overall Were Found to Be Avoidable.

The United States Has the Highest Incidence of Maternal Mortality in The Industrialised World, According to A 2017 Research Published in The Medical Journal the Lancet. This Tendency Has Risen Continuously Over the Previous 20 Years.

According to Kelly Davis, Chief Equity Officer of The National Birth Equity Collaborative, Pulmonary Embolisms, Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (including Eclampsia and Preeclampsia), and Bleeding Are Some of The Leading Causes of Mother Death in New York City.

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Calls for Justice

Following the Passing of Her Daughter, Benton-Gibson, a Seasoned Community Activist and Certified Social Worker Established the A.R.I.A.H. Foundation, Which “works to Halt the Devastation of Black Maternal Mortality.”

“I’m Torn: Should I Cry? Yes. Do I Feel Angry About This? Yes. Do I Ever Wake up Wondering, “what The…?” at The Occasion, Benton-Gibson Stated. I Don’t Want Those Days that She Lived in Vain so That the Day She Went Got Precedence, She Said. “but My Greater Point Is that The Girl Lived All the Days that She Lived,” She Said. “how She Departed, However, Will Be the Focus of Every Breath I Take from Now on To Ensure that This Never Occurs Again.”

In April During the Coronavirus Outbreak, Bruce Mc Intyre Was in A Similar Situation when His Partner Amber Rose Isaac Passed Away at Montefiore Medical Center in The Bronx While Giving Birth. that Was Almost Six Months Ago.

Mc Intyre Organised a “mothers March” on August 1 in Memory of Isaac and Other Women Who Passed Away During Pregnancy. Benton-Gibson Was One of The Many Attendees Who Wore Purple to Honour Isaac. The Family of Sha-Asia Washington, Who Passed Away on July 3 at Woodhull Hospital, Where Gibson Gave Birth the Year Before, Attended the March as well.

At a Different Demonstration in Front of the Same Hospital in July, Desiree Williams, Washington’s Mother-In-Law, Said, “I’m Staying up All Night Holding the Baby that She Should Be Here Holding.” “it’s Unfair, and It’s Wrong. My Son Is Depressed, And that is wrong.

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