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Robyn and The Kids Here’s how The ‘sister Wives’ Fights All Played out There’s a Scuffle in The Family!

Robyn and The Kids Here's how The 'sister Wives' Fights All Played out There's a Scuffle in The Family!

To start, the show’s early seasons painted a positive picture of the Browns as a large, happy family. The facade was quickly exposed by the onlookers. As time went on, it became clear that Kody Brown’s four wives had little to no chemistry. Despite the frothy connection between Meri Brown and Janelle Brown, they were the most popular couple. Because of this, why do Meri and Janelle Brown have such an acrimonious relationship?

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown’s Courtship Was Unorthodox

Multiple spouses aren’t unusual among members of the Brown family’s faith. Polygamy was agreed upon by Kody and Meri prior to their marriage in the family book, Becoming Sister Wives. Janelle Brown‘s inclusion on Kody’s list of second wives was an interesting pick.

Meri Brown was familiar with Janelle. Kody was introduced to Janelle via Meri. Adam Barber, Meri’s brother, was Janelle’s first husband. In the wake of their divorce, it’s been alleged that Kody turned to Janelle for support. After then, the couple began their relationship as a couple.

It was quickly pointed out that the couple’s courtship was a little out of the ordinary and seemed to defy the norms of the family’s religious community. Fans have speculated that Janelle and Kody cheated on Meri in their early days of dating.
For Meri’s birthday, Janelle and Kody had originally intended to tie the knot, and the addition of Janelle might have made her feel a little less than enthusiastic. But why does Janelle harbor resentment for Meri?

Janelle Brown Insisted Meri Brown Made Snide Comments

In the beginning, Meri Brown struggled with the idea of living with someone else’s man. It was revealed by the mother of one that she could be violent in her speech and had a hard time keeping her temper in check. Janelle seemed to back up the story we’d heard. Further, Meri had spent months making nasty comments and taking up most of Kody’s time. She stated this further In the early days of their marriage, Janelle said that Meri made comments regarding Janelle’s makeup and how she chose to clean.

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Believe Meri and Janelle Never Resolved Their Problems

Meri Brown and Janelle Brown’s Issues Persist More than A Decade After They Tied the Knot with Kody Brown. It’s Clear from Their On-Screen Conversations that Things Between Them Have Always Been Chilly. a Grudge Between Janelle and Meri Appears to Exist, Although Sister Wives Point to Janelle as The One Who Seems to Keep It Alive.

It Was Reported by Janelle in December 2021 that Meri Might Be Preventing Access to Their Coyote Pass Property’s Pond.

Since the Family in Lehi, Utah Does Not Want to Use Janelle’s Lehi Residence as A Walkthrough, Janelle Used that As Proof that She Would Restrict Them from Accessing the Pond. in 2011, the Browns Relocated to Salt Lake City from Lehi. One Structure Will Be Built on Coyote Pass by The Family.

As of now, Meri Is Largely Isolated from Her Family. Apparently, Things Between Her and Janelle Are Getting Much Worse. It’s Hard to Tell if They’ve Ever Met Before. when Meri Appeared on Season 16 of Sister Wives, She Said that No One Would Know if She Were to Fall Ill Because She Rarely Spoke to Or Saw the Browns. Janelle Insisted that She “hoped” Meri Would Notify Them if She Were Ever in Trouble. Still, Janelle Didn’t Appear to Be Interested in Resolving the Issue Any More Frequently.

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