Rebel Wilson’s Sweet Message to Girlfriend Ramona Agruma Must Be Seen!

Rebel Wilson's Sweet Message to Girlfriend Ramona Agruma Must Be Seen!

In her latest video, Rebel Wilson appears alongside Ramona Agruma, her longtime lover. It was revealed on July 14 that Ramona was filmed pushing her while she swung on a golden swing. There is an endearing moment in the video where the pair is seen smiling and looking at one other. A push from you was just what I needed. In her Instagram caption, Rebel stated: What are we doing here? I have no idea, but I’m loving every minute of it! #R&R.” Ramona said in the comments,

Never a Dull Moment with You

accompanied by a red love emoji. Rebel and the fashion designer went out to Europe just two weeks after confirming their romance in early June.. From Italy to Turkey to France to London and beyond, they’ve been chronicling their travels on Instagram ever since.

The European vacation of Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson. I thought I was seeking for a Disney Prince,” Rebel said in a June 9 Instagram post announcing her new boyfriend. However, it’s possible that all along I’ve actually wanted a Disney Princess. #loveislove.”

Rebel Wilson's Sweet Message to Girlfriend Ramona Agruma Must Be Seen!

A few months prior to that, Rebel revealed to Betches’ U Up? podcast audience that she was “happily in a relationship.” Even though Rebel didn’t identify names, she did tell the account of how the two came to be acquainted at the time.

“This was a buddy put up,” she continued, “and he’d known both of us for, like, at least five years apiece and was like, ‘Yeah, I believe you two would hit it off.’ And then we did!”

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