Kodak Black Is Arrested in Florida on Felony Drug Charges After a Traffic Stop!

Kodak Black is arrested in Florida on felony drug charges after a traffic stop

Following a car check in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kodak Black was taken into custody on felony narcotics charges.

The rapper was detained by the Florida Highway Patrol on Friday when they stopped him while he was operating a bulletproof Dodge Durango, according to many sources. According to police, the trooper noticed the car’s improper window tint and outdated registration plates. After a search, the vehicle turned up $74,960 in cash and a tiny bag containing 31 oxycodone tablets. The rapper’s driver’s license has expired, according to the police.

Cops claimed that as Kodak opened the door to his car, a strong smell of raw marijuana washed over them. It’s unclear if the rapper was in the car alone or with others.

The Rapper Whose Actual Name Is Bill K. Kapri.

was brought into the prison and arrested for trafficking less than 25 grams of oxycodone and carrying a controlled narcotic without a prescription. The rapper reportedly secured a $75,000 bond on Saturday, according to many sources.

The rapper was hurt in a gunshot in Los Angeles just five months prior, outside of a Justin Bieber after-party following the singer’s concert at a neighboring club. The gunfire started when Black left the after-party. Three other people were hurt in addition to the rapper who was struck in the leg.

Kodak Black is arrested in Florida on felony drug charges after a traffic stop

Kodak Black was among individuals who received pardons and commutations from then-President Donald Trump on his final full day in the office about 18 months ago.

According to CBS News, the rapper, who ardently backed the then-president, was given a nearly four-year jail sentence in November 2019 on federal firearms crimes. In order to “illegally obtain weapons,” he pled guilty to two counts of creating a written statement that was both false and fake with knowledge in August 2019.

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