Josie Totah: Her Journey to Becoming an Lgbtq+ Icon!

Josie Totah: Her Journey to Becoming an Lgbtq+ Icon!

Josie Totah, a young woman of 20 years, has already walked a difficult path to discovering who she truly is.
At the tender age of 11, she landed her first major role as Jessie on the Disney Channel. She came out as transgender at the age of 17, after appearing on shows like Glee, iCarly, 2 Broke Girls, and Champions. When Totah told E! News exclusively,

“I just wanted to be myself, it was really difficult because I was being told, ‘You shouldn’t go outside with nail polish or makeup unless you are ready to be fully out,’ ” “When I was 12 years old, it was extremely difficult for me because I could not do the tiniest acts of self-affirmation, and I felt the weight of the world not accepting me. I can’t leave my house as the person I thought I was meant to be, and that’s a horrifying and enslaving sensation that makes my life incredibly difficult.”

It is “scary” that people can look up everything about Totah’s transition online, but the Saved By The Bell star is happy to educate the public about her journey. As she said, “I’m so grateful that I’m able to be someone who people look up to.” “It’s worth taking the risk, and it’s worth everything I’ve been through to get here. Being myself allows me to help others feel less isolated, and I’m extremely proud of that.”

There Is a Constant Stream of Applause and Support from Fans.

Hearing that From Others Is “literally the Greatest Privilege of My Life,” She Said. “at a Party or While Walking the Streets, Someone Will Approach Me and We Don’t Have to Say a Word Because We Already Know Each Other so Well. That’s so Lovely. Having a Strong Sense of Community Is Something that Some People Never Get to Experience, and It’s Wonderful. as A Result of My Good Fortune, I Feel Extremely Fortunate.”

Josie Totah: Her Journey to Becoming an Lgbtq+ Icon!

Pose Cast Members and E Laverne !’s Cox Are Among Her Favorite Lgbtq+ Role Models.
Her Peers, Like Hunter Schaefer and Kim Petras, Who She Admires and Looks up To, “stand in Their Power and Just Be Their Unapologetic Self,” She Said.

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