Get a First Look at ‘The Neighborhood’s’ Season 4 Joke Reel!

Get a First Look at 'The Neighborhood's' Season 4 Joke Reel!

This might cheer you up if you’re still hoping for new DVD releases of The Neighborhood seasons: The humor reel, a typical component on these sets, is funny, according to TV Insider’s exclusive preview.

After Cedric the Entertainer (who portrays Calvin Butler) makes his castmates laugh, Beth Behrs (who plays Gemma Johnson) finds herself laughing so hard that she needs to leave the room. When Max Greenfield (who portrays Dave Johnson) pokes her head back in the door to explain, she adds, “I don’t sure how I’m meant to respond under these circumstances.” “On this program, all I do is play a victim,” says the actress who plays the victim. The specifics of these two amusing situations may be seen in the video above.

After an Unexpected Surprise in The Season Opener.

Calvin and Dave, who had become good friends, realized just how much they had in common. This season, the cherished characters’ connections helped them weather both highs and lows, from Gemma becoming pregnant to Tina (Tichina Arnold) launching her own business. Calvin’s mother, played by Patti LaBelle, arrived, and the surprise she had in store for them was still unprepared.

Get a First Look at 'The Neighborhood's' Season 4 Joke Reel!

The gag reel and all 22 episodes from Season 4 of The Neighborhood are included on three discs on the DVD release. The fifth season of the CBS sitcom will premiere on September 19 at 8/7c.

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