Chrishell Stause Explains Her “Super-Open Relationship” with G Flip!

Chrishell Stause Explains Her "Super-Open Relationship" with G Flip!

Chrishell Stause is opening up more about her relationship with Australian musician G Flip, whom she first mentioned in the “Selling Sunset” season 5 reunion episode, now that they’ve been dating for a few weeks.
For Stause, the reason for the term “unlocked” in her connection with G Flip was revealed in a Vogue interview in June. As she explained in an interview with the site, “it’s when they have your heart’s desire, but there are no boundaries or rules, just love, and support.” ‘Plus, it has a connection to real estate, which is absolutely cute!’

She went on to mention that her favorite thing about G Flip is simply being around them. As she went on to say, “Being in the same room with them is such a mood-lifting experience,” it was clear what she meant. “I adore the unlimited support or simply wanting the other person to be entirely who they are…

Chrishell Stause Explains Her "Super-Open Relationship" with G Flip!
Things are a little different for us because our relationship isn’t stereotypical and we need some different things; G is aware that I need to be a mother and I am aware that that is not where they are right now in their lives. In a situation like this, we don’t have to block anything for either of us, and we can all offer each other our love and support in whatever form that takes. So it’s comforting to know that we’ll always be in each other’s life. I wouldn’t have realized how vulnerable I am to a wide range of issues if they hadn’t opened my eyes to it.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip Share Kisses on The MTV Movie & Tv Awards

On People’s “People Every Day” podcast on May 14, G Flip talked about their first encounter with Stause. “We met last year at Halloween,” one of them recalled. Each of us had been seeing our ex-partners since then.” Afterward, we separated from our companions and simply started conversing. It’s amazing how many things we have in common despite coming from such disparate places throughout the world. Most of the time, we find ourselves quite similar.”

Both G Flip’s music video for “Get Me Outta Here” and their appearances at the MTV Movie & TV Awards have provided fans brief views into their relationship since going public. In the visual, which was released on May 12, the singer and the truth star engage in a hot make-out session. Stause describes the film as a “chaotic love story” “I came from soaps,” she said in the reunion episode. I enjoy the stage. And I don’t always get to do it because of the job we have. All of a sudden it dawned on me that “Yes, let’s do this.”

To quote Stause, “It was a lot of fun” to make the video. We had such a good time! It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but I like it. This is fantastic, the music is fantastic.”

Chrishell Stause Explains Her "Super-Open Relationship" with G Flip!

G Flip agreed with Stause. People were told that making the video together was “straightforward” and “enjoyable,” according to the producers. On the movie, it was easy and fun, you know, fun and breezy and straightforward,” they said of the approach. Making that video was fun. There were so many times before we really released the film when I watched it. In spite of all that, we’re happy with the final product. “It’s out there now,” he said.

After Tan France asked if she was currently dating anyone, Stause disclosed the shocking revelation regarding her relationship status in season 5’s final episode. “I recently spent a significant amount of time with someone who is extremely important to me. G Flip is the name of the band. As she put it, “they’re nonbinary, so they go by they/them. As well as being a skilled musician,

After noticing that G Flip and Stause had been prominently featured in each other’s Instagram posts and social media commentary for several weeks, their fans began to speculate. On May 1, they were also spotted together in Denver, where G Flip was performing. Stause, at the reunion, did not reveal when the connection began, and it looked that many of the “Selling Sunset” cast members were unaware of the romance as well. They were spending time together, but Mary Fitzgerald had not asked Stause to explain anything to her. When asked if she had any information, Maya Vander said she didn’t.

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