Chase Stokes ‘Outer Banks’ Stand-In Died After Being Hit by Two Cars!

Chase Stokes 'Outer Banks' Stand-In Died After Being Hit by Two Cars!

A hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of actor Alexander “AJ” Jennings, who played Chase Stokes’ replacement on “Outer Banks,” has claimed the life of the actor. Twenty-two.
Pedestrian Jennings was struck by a car in North Charleston, South Carolina, at 2:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office announced. The vehicle sped away from the scene.

According to witnesses, a second vehicle struck Jennings and fled the area. Shortly thereafter, a traffic stop in downtown Charleston led to the identification of the driver of the second vehicle. Upon arrival at the Medical University of South Carolina, the actor succumbed to his injuries and died. The coroner’s office stated that he died around 3:13 a.m. on the day of his death.

According to authorities, no charges have been made against the driver of the first vehicle, who is still at large. On his Instagram Story, Stokes, the actor who portrays John B in Netflix’s series, expressed his sadness over the death of his friend. He tweeted on Wednesday that he was still “trying to grasp why certain things happen, and why the universe works in the manner that it does..”

Chase Stokes 'Outer Banks' Stand-In Died After Being Hit by Two Cars!

“My heart has been broken to the core. Your journey into adulthood was just beginning. That old six-string guitar has gone a long way since we last spoke, and your desire to continue making music is clear. Always putting others’ needs ahead of your own and showing such a lack of selfishness.”

To put it mildly: The actor described Jennings’ death as a “difficult situation.” Thank you AJ for all that you’ve done in our lives and for the way you’ve made us better people,” he added. “Fly like an eagle, my love.”

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The agency noted on Facebook that “AJ was a gorgeous, compassionate spirit and a bright light every day on set.” To work as our John B photo stand/double this season, he relocated to Charleston from New York. “Our sympathies are with AJ’s family and friends at this sad time. I cannot understand the shock and grief of AJ’s unexpected death.”

Filming for the third season of the popular teen series, which also features Madelyn Cline, is presently taking place in Charleston.

Chase Stokes 'Outer Banks' Stand-In Died After Being Hit by Two Cars!

It was brought to our attention by casting director Kimmie Stewart Casting that Netflix was providing bereavement counseling to its on-set personnel.

According to the agency, “I am still at a loss for words as to how this happened & cannot comprehend the sorrow his family is going through”. Tributes have been paid to a “wonderful human being and his sparkling smile.”

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