Billie Eilish on Why Her Relationship with Her Body Is “truly Horrible”!

Billie Eilish on Why Her Relationship with Her Body Is “truly Horrible”!

When Billie Eilish initially came to the public’s attention, she wore baggy clothing, which she continued to wear for the first few years of her success until she decided to come out about her hard connection with her body image. This week, the 20-year-old (who will be the youngest headliner ever at Glastonbury Festival) disclosed to The Sunday Times that she has “hated” her body since she was a child and had previously self-harmed “because of my physique.”

After being asked how her present relationship with her body is, she responds, “Nowhere good,” to describe her current state of mind. Since the age of 11, “I’ve had a terrible, terrible relationship with my body.” Billie went on to say: “That my body belongs to me and that I can take it with me everywhere I go is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Billie Eilish on Why Her Relationship with Her Body Is "truly Horrible"!

To me, my body is like a close companion. Your ugly pal! It’s a tangled web. However, what is your plans? ” The only time I’ve ever felt wanted was when I was a child. Having felt so unwanted, I wonder if I may have tried too hard to be desirable at times. When I think about that, it makes me sad” When asked why she has such a hard time accepting her own body, the singer said that the pandemic left her feeling alone and anxious about how she looked.

she recalled. “COVID brought me straight back down to the cycle of, who am I?” “Nothing was going on, and I remember thinking, “I need to figure out who I am right now. Then, midway through COVID, I felt like I had a new sense of self: Let’s try new things, let’s have new experiences. Afterward, another identity dilemma arose.”

Being Recognized for The Full Start of Your Career for One Thing

she wears baggy clothes and she sings like this’—it was driving me nuts.” The concept prompted her to change her style and appear on the cover of British Vogue in a pink silk corset before emulating Old Hollywood Glam at the Met Gala. It’s not all good news, she argues, because there’s also criticism.

Billie Eilish on Why Her Relationship with Her Body Is "truly Horrible"!

What you do is bad and what you do is right no matter what,” the singer declared. “No one is attracted to me while I’m dressed in baggy clothing; I’m humiliated by the fact that I’m not feminine enough. “When you wear anything more revealing, they’re like, “you’re such a fat cow whore.” Oh, wow! I’m selling my body like every other celebrity out there selling theirs, and wow! That’s a ridiculous request. A crazy world out there for females.”

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