Ben Crump to NBA Players: Speak out Regarding Brittney Griner!

Ben Crump to NBA Players: Speak out Regarding Brittney Griner!

Ex-civil rights lawyer Ben Crump is urging other NBA players to speak out about the WNBA star, evidently believing that their voices could help bring Brittney Griner back home. This week, the lawyer spoke with TMZ Sports about Griner’s drug case in Russia, and he made it clear that if some of the Association’s top names — as well as others in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and more — maintain raising awareness for Griner.

Basketball players should be saying more, says the NBA veteran, who is 52 years old. “I believe that the sporting community should say more.”As previously reported, after entering a guilty plea to narcotics charges in a Russian tribunal on Thursday, BG now faces a sentence of 10 years in prison.

According to Griner’s Legal Team,

they believe that because she accepted responsibility for her acts, the authorities will be kind in their sentence decisions. According to Crump, he doesn’t have a lot of faith in the outcome of the case, saying, “She’s being exploited as a political pawn.

Ben Crump to NBA Players: Speak out Regarding Brittney Griner!

” So, he’s pushing anyone who has a platform to speak out, hoping that a large-scale public outcry would result in a quick return for the basketball star. Her Absence Would Be “a Miscarriage of Justice,” in His Words. Ahead of seeing Joe Biden at the Presidential Medal of Freedom presentation on Thursday afternoon, Crump said he intended to speak with President Obama about it.

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