After Tony Sirico’s Death Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Other “Sopranos” Stars Paid Tribute to Him!

After Tony Sirico's Death Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Other "Sopranos" Stars Paid Tribute to Him!

After learning of Tony Sirico’s passing on Friday, Jamie-Lynn Sigler is paying her respects to the actor who played her fictional uncle on The Sopranos.

In an Instagram post, Sigler, who played Meadow Soprano on the iconic HBO program, expressed her grief at Sirico’s death. Photos of her time with Sirico were posted on Instagram and she described him as generous, talented, and inspiring in her lengthy caption.

After Tony Sirico's Death Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Other "Sopranos" Stars Paid Tribute to Him!

“Tony, what a shock. I’m inconsolable at this loss. I adored you, my sweetheart, “She penned. “It was impossible for me to enter a room where you were present without being greeted with an enormous hug, sprayed with your cologne, and informed that any male who came near me had to answer to you first. You were a master of the craft. Stealing every scene in which you were a part. Though rugged and fierce, you yet had a heart of gold and were a true artist. You are the only one of your kind. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to know and be loved by you. ❤️❤️💔.”

Lorraine Bracco, who played Dr. Jennifer Melfi, Tony Soprano’s psychiatrist, also voiced her admiration for Paulie

“Walnuts” Gualtieri on Instagram.

A man who “always had my back and adored my children and my parents,” she stated in the caption of her Instagram post. “From Goodfellas to The Sopranos and beyond, I have a lifetime of experiences with Tony. But the Bensonhurst Spelling Bee was so much fun, I’m still giggling about it. I hope he’s still making people laugh in heaven. I adore you, my friend… slumber peacefully.”

Many other Sopranos actors and crew members have spoken out regarding the death of Sirico. When asked by Rolling Stone magazine about her role as Tony Soprano’s wife, Edie Falco said “Unlike any other, Tony Sirico was devoted, kind, and a true original. And hilarious.”

Gandolfini’s son, Michael, also paid tribute to Sirico on Instagram, calling him “one of the sweetest, passionately loyal, and heartfelt individuals that I’ve ever met.” In the prequel to The Sopranos, The Many Saints of Newark, Michael would play the younger version of Tony Soprano, the character he played with his late father.

After Tony Sirico's Death Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Other "Sopranos" Stars Paid Tribute to Him!

Throughout the show’s run, Sirico played a member of Tony Soprano’s tight-knit gang. According to Bob McGowan, Sirico’s manager, the company was a “wonderful, loyal client” who would “do anything to help individuals in need.” The reason for death was not disclosed by McGowan’s report. He revealed the news of Sirico’s death on Instagram, which earned him an Emmy for his role as Christopher Motisanti in the HBO series.

A lengthy statement from the actor said, “It hurts me to say that my good friend, colleague, and partner in crime, the great TONY SIRICO, has gone away today”. “Tony was unlike any other person I’ve ever met: he was tough, loyal, and generous to the core. In good times and bad, I was always there for him. It’s still a nice day. We laughed a lot, too. During our time together as Christopher and Paulie, Tony and I collaborated on some of my best and most enjoyable work.”

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