Wolfman Jack’s Cause of Death: The Raspy Voice of The Radio Is Dead at 57!

Wolfman Jack's Cause of Death

For decades, his gravelly voice and signature wolf howls earned him one of America’s best-known voices. Wolfman Jack, 57, died July 1 at his home in Los Angeles after a heart attack. The Wolfman, whose real name was Robert Smith, had just returned on a 20-day book tour when he fell, according to Lonnie Napier, vice president of Wolfman Jack Entertainment.

From Washington, DC’s Planet Hollywood restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue NW, the Wolfman had been performing a Friday night live show since May 1994, playing party music from the 1960s and early 1970s including “Shout.” As well as sidekicks, engineers, and celebrity callers, he also had a good time chatting. Dining customers participated in the show by singing, dancing, and shouting during it.

Early Career

His father Anson Weston Smith was an Episcopalian Sunday school teacher and writer and his mother Rosamond Small was an executive vice president of Financial World. Smith was born in Brooklyn on January 21, 1938, and was the younger of two children. He went to Manual Training High School in the Park Slope district of Brooklyn, where he lived on 12th Street and 4th Avenue. During his childhood, his parents split up.

His father bought him a big Trans-Oceanic radio to keep him out of trouble, and Smith became a huge fan of R&B music and the disc jockeys who played it, including Philadelphia’s Douglas “Jocko” Henderson, New York’s “Dr. Jive” (Tommy Smalls), Cleveland’s “Moon Dog,” Alan Freed, and Nashville’s “John R.” Richbourg,” who later became his mentor.

Wolfman Jack's Cause of Death

Following his door-to-door sales of encyclopedias and Fuller brushes, Smith attended the National Academy of Broadcasting.

His first job after college was as “Daddy Jules” at WYOU in Newport News, Virginia after graduating in 1960. The name “Roger Gordon and Music in Good Taste” stuck when the station’s format shifted to “beautiful music”. KCIJ/1050 in Shreveport, Louisiana hired him as the station manager and morning DJ, “Big Smith with the Records” in 1962. In 1961, he married Lucy “Lou” Lamb, and they had two children.


A heart attack claimed Smith’s life at his North Carolina home on July 1, 1995, only minutes after he had finished his weekly radio program. In Belvidere, he is buried in a family cemetery.

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Wolfman On January 21, 1938, in Brooklyn, New York, Jack was born Robert Weston Smith. Back when he was a kid, he used to pretend to be a DJ and listen to music on the radio in the basement of his house. Tommy Small, The Hound, and Jocko were among his earliest influences. At the tender age of sixteen, his passion for radio was piqued by his devotion to Alan Freed, the ultimate New York DJ.

One week, Smith camped out at the Paramount Theater’s outside stage door, trying to catch a glimpse of Freed during one of the star-studded rock and roll performances. By just loitering outside the cinema, Smith gained not only the attention of Freed but also the opportunity to work at Paramount as a “gofer.

Wolfman Jack's Cause of Death

” Smith went on to attend the National Academy of Broadcasting in Washington, D.C. later in his career. In the evenings, he attended lessons, and during the day, he worked as a door-to-door salesman to make ends meet. To his credit, Smith did very well in radio school despite the fact that he had dropped out of high school.

WYOU in Newport News, Virginia, was the site of Smith’s first real radio employment. [quote] It was here in 1960 that he met Lucy “Lou” Lamb, the love of his life. They were married and had two children quite shortly. “Big Smith with the Records” and “Daddy Jules” were Smith’s DJ personalities at WYOU, where he performed three shows with three separate DJ personas.

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How Old Would Wolfman Jack Be?

The Age of Death of Wolfman Jack as Of This Writing, Nicole Belvidere Is 57 Years Old (1938-1995) At What Age Did Wolfman Jack Die? Belvidere, New York Wolf Howls and Gravelly Voice Were Trademarks of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Disc Jockey Who Died Saturday, According to Ap Reports. at The Time, He Still Had 57 Years Left to Live.

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What Was Wolfman Jacks’ Real Name?

Robert Weston Smith Wolfman, a Radio Disc Jockey in The United States, Plays Country Music. in 1938, Jack Was Born in New York City, and He Currently Resides There. the U.S.

Wolfman Jack's Cause of Death

Army Veteran Was Born and Raised in The City Before Settling in Nashville as A Young Man. Wolfman Jack, on The Other Hand, Was a Radio Music Icon and A Cult Figure.