Taylor Hawkins’s Cause of Death: Colombian Police Issue Statement!

taylor hawkins cause of death

February 17, 1972, was the date of Oliver Taylor Hawkins’s birth. In 1976, Hawkins’ family relocated to Laguna Beach, California, where he grew up. Jason and Heather were Hawkins’ older siblings, and he was the youngest of the three. At Laguna Beach High School in 1990, he was friends with current Yes lead vocalist Jon Davison, who is now the band’s frontman.

Cause of Death

Outside the Four Seasons Casa Medina hotel in Bogotá, two days following Hawkins’ death, a memorial has been established.

Emergency personnel was dispatched to the Four Seasons Casa Medina hotel in Bogotá, Colombia, on March 25, 2022, after a guest there, Hawkins, complained of chest pains. He was pronounced dead on the spot, having been found unresponsive by medical professionals who administered CPR. The reason for death has not been established.

taylor hawkins cause of death

It was revealed the next day by Colombian officials that a preliminary urine toxicology test revealed that Hawkins had ten drugs in his blood at the time of his death, including opiates, benzodiazepines, tricyclic antidepressants, and THC. Colombia’s National Institute of Forensic Medicine indicated that they were aware of the case “It is expected that the investigation into Taylor Hawkins’ death will proceed in a timely manner, and the investigation into his death will continue to be conducted by the medical examiner’s office.


A career in its infancy

He was previously the drummer for the Orange County band Sylvia before moving to Los Angeles to play with Sass Jordan.
On the Jagged Little Pill and Can’t Not tours, Hawkins was Alanis Morissette’s drummer from June 1995 until March 1997. Songs like “You Oughta Know,” “All I Really Want,” and “You Learn” all featured him. Also on Jagged Little Pill, Live was a VHS/DVD appearance by him (1997) Singing with the Foo Fighters at a concert in 2018 was Hawkins

It was the spring of 1996 when the Foo Fighters embarked on their second studio album’s recording session in Seattle with producer Gil Norton. The conflict between Dave Grohl and drummer William Goldsmith is said to have occurred during the recording of the band’s new album. With Grohl on drums, the band reconvened in Los Angeles and re-recorded the album to near-completeness.

taylor hawkins cause of death

On May 20, 1997, the album, The Color, and the Shape was released. Grohl called Hawkins, a friend at the time, and asked for his advice on finding a new drummer for the band. Grohl was under the notion that Hawkins would not leave Morissette’s touring band, because she was a larger act than Foo Fighters at the time. Even though Hawkins first offered to fill in for Grohl, he ultimately decided to come on board on his own, noting that his preference was to play in a group rather than a solo act. After announcing on March 18, 1997, that new drummer Hawkins will join the band, Despite the fact that “Monkey Wrench” was recorded before Hawkins joined the Foo Fighters, he appeared in the band’s 1997 music video for the song.

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Personal life

A decade ago, Hawkins and his wife Alison got married. They have three children together. After moving from Topanga Canyon to Hidden Hills, California, in 2012, they lived there.
For two weeks in August 2001, Hawkins was unconscious after overdosing on heroin. Dave Grohl, Hawkins’ bandmate and best friend, spent two weeks by his bedside in London until he woke up. When Hawkins was in the hospital, Grohl stated he was ready to give up music. Additionally, in the 2011 Foo Fighters: Back and Forth documentary, he claimed that he penned a song called “On The Mend” from the band’s 2005 album In Your Honor about Hawkins while still unconscious. A year later, Hawkins spoke to Beats 1’s Matt Wilkinson about the event “I’d been having a lot of fun out and about. I wasn’t an addict, but I was a regular at the bars and clubs. There was a year when things went a little out of hand in terms of revelry. On some level, this man gave me the wrong line with the wrong stuff one night and I woke up wondering, ‘What the fuck happened?’ I’m thankful for that. That was a watershed moment in my life.” According to Hawkins’ admission in the same interview, he had been clean for some time.

taylor hawkins cause of death

Hawkins was prone to stage fright because of this. Asked by Rolling Stone magazine about his health in June 2021, Hawkins stated; “I’m in good shape. I’m fine, thank you… Sometimes, I’ll get a bad case of the sinuses. That’s what my doctor just told me after he ran a battery of tests on me, including blood work and an electrocardiogram (ECG). Because you work out frequently, your heart is larger than average. My heart beats like a running heart. That’s quite fine, too. “I suspect you’re suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea.” And my wife claims that you snore and otherwise disturb her sleep with your bizarre nocturnal noises.
Dave Grohl referred to Hawkins as a “storyteller” in his 2021 memoir The Storyteller “my buddy, my brother from a different mother, and someone I’d give my life for.

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Taylor Hawkins Has an Estimated Net Worth of $1 Million.

More than forty million dollars

Until his death in 2022, Taylor Hawkins was an American musician valued at $40 million dollars. In the year 2022, Taylor died of natural causes at the age of 50 on March 25th.

taylor hawkins cause of death

Taylor Hawkins joined the Foo Fighters as their drummer “the year was 1997, and I was on the Can’t Tour with Alannis Morrisette in support of my blockbuster hit record Jagged Little Pill. It was Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, a side project, that he was involved with.