Robert and Diane Witt Cause of Death Revealed Two Months After Their Sudden Deaths

Robert and Diane Witt Cause of Death Revealed Two Months After Their Sudden Deaths

It has been determined that Alicia Witt’s parents perished from exposure to the cold in their Massachusetts home in December.
“Probable cardiac dysrhythmia” from the cold was listed as a cause of death on death certificates issued on Wednesday according to The Telegram & Gazette for 87-year-old Robert Witt and 75-year-old Diane Witt.
On Dec. 20, police found the Witts in their run-down Worcester house after Witt requested a cousin to check on them because she hadn’t heard from them for many days.
Police reported that the home’s heating system was not working at the time of the break-in.
Earlier this month, Witt said that she had offered her parents help numerous times, but they always refused. They had no heat, she added, and she blamed her parents’ “fiercely stubborn” natures.
They refused to let employees into their house no matter how many times she offered to fix it for them. In spite of my pleading and wailing, they refused to let me assist them to relocate, telling me I had no business interfering in their lives and that they had everything under control. In 1984′s “Dune,” Witt, now 46, made her acting debut and has since appeared in “Orange Is the New Black,” “Twin Peaks,” and “The Walking Dead,” among other projects. She is also a classically trained pianist and a recording artist.

A Child’s Early Years and Their Educational Experiences

Diane (née Pietro), a junior high school reading teacher, gave birth to Witt on August 21, 1975, in Worcester, Massachusetts, to science teacher Robert Witt and photographer Diane Witt. When her mother held the record for the longest hair in 1989-96, she was an American celebrity. The citation for this statement is not available. Ian is her younger brother. It’s been said that Witt was a child prodigy because he was able to talk and read at the age of four.

robert and diane witt cause of death

In 1980, filmmaker David Lynch watched her read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet on That’s Incredible! at the age of five, and noticed her acting ability. Witt was 14 when Lynch began working with her on film and television projects, even before she had received her GED. Between the ages of ten and fourteen, Witt studied piano four times a week with a professor from Boston University and won competitions all across the country.

Personal Life

Witt’s parents were found dead in their Worcester home on December 20, 2021. Witt’s parents died of “probable cardiac dysrhythmia” on February 24, 2022, from exposure to the freezing temperatures in their poorly heated house, which had been neglected for far too long.

robert and diane witt cause of death

Witt disclosed in a Facebook post that her parents were self-sufficient and refused any help with home renovations. As recently as May/June 2020, Witt reported a diagnosis of breast cancer and a treatment plan for the new year.

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Parents Death

He discovered his parents’ bodies in their Worchester, Massachusetts, home on December 20, 2021. Because of freezing conditions, a broken furnace, and an emergency heater, his parents were killed by his mother and father.

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Childhood, Youth, and Adulthood

Ian Witt was born on November 30th, 1978. His parents’ house in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he was born, was his birthplace. At a secondary school in Worcester, he earned his bachelor’s degree. In terms of his educational background, there isn’t much information available. That means he is now 43 years old. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, as his birthday falls in November. He’s a devout follower of Jesus Christ.

robert and diane witt cause of death
If you are interested in learning more about the history of Ian Witt and how he came to be the actor he is today, you can read his Wikipedia page here.

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Parents (Father and Mother), Children

Diane Witt was Ian Witt’s mother. Ian Witt was born in Los Angeles, California. He was raised by his father, Robert Witt. His father was a science teacher and photographer, while his mother was a reading teacher in a junior high school.

robert and diane witt cause of death
Alicia Witt is his gorgeous and caring sister. An American actress, singer, and pianist by the name of Alicia Roanne Witt,