Rene Angelil After a Long And Courageous Battle With Cancer, Has Died !

Rene Angelil After a Long And Courageous Battle With Cancer, Has Died !

Céline Dion’s husband, René Angélil, died six years ago, and she’s still grieving for cheval On Friday, Dion uploaded a black-and-white portrait of her late husband, who died of throat cancer in 2016 at the age of 73. “I would be lying if I claimed I’m alright,” she said in the caption, “I think about you at least a hundred times, for in the echo of my voice I hear your words exactly if you’re there.”

“I miss you — Céline xx,” she added after that.
The 53-year-old singer repeated the phrases but added her own feeling in French: “Tu me manque.”

Before becoming Dion’s husband, Angélil was her manager. René-Charles, 20, and twins Eddy and Nelson, 11, were born to the couple after they married in 1994.

She’s found ways to memorialize him publicly after his passing, whether on Instagram or during her Las Vegas residency’s final act in 2019, where she paid him honor.

Early Life

Angélil was born in the Canadian city of Montreal, to a Syrian father and a Lebanese mother. Joseph Angélil, his father, was born in Montreal to Syrian parents, and Alice Sara, his mother, was born in Montreal to Lebanese parents. André, his younger brother, was his older brother ( born in 1945 ).

rene angelil cause of death

His parents were both Melkite Greek Catholic Church members. [needs citation] Angélil attended Collège Saint-Viateur in Outremont and Collège André-Grasset in Montreal for his secondary education.

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Angélil began his career as a pop vocalist in Montreal in 1961. With boyhood friends Pierre Labelle and Jean Beaulne, he established the pop-rock band Les Baronets. During the 1960s, Les Baronets had a few singles, largely translations of English-language pop hits from the UK or the US, such as “C’est fou, but c’est tout” in 1964 (a translation of The Beatles’ song “Hold Me Tight”). Angélil and his best friend Guy Cloutier began managing singers when the trio disbanded in 1972.


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They handled the careers of René Simard and Ginette Reno, two prominent Québec artists, as well as many other pop singers at the time. In 1981, they split up to become single managers. René saw Celine Dion’s demo tape when he was evaluated as a prospective producer for her album in 1981, not long after being fired as Ginette’s manager and considering leaving the music business to attend law school. He quickly became her agent. He remained her manager until June 2014, when he had to stand down due to cancer.
In 2012, Angélil joined a group of co-owners of Montreal’s famous Schwartz’s Deli.

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Personal Life

Angélil and Celine Dion in 2012.

Denyse Duquette was Angélil’s first wife, whom he married in 1966. They separated in 1972 after their son Patrick was born in 1968. He married singer Anne Renée in 1974, and the couple had two children, Jean-Pierre (born 1974) and Anne-Marie Angélil (born 1977), before divorcing in 1986. In the year 2000, Anne-Marie married singer, Marc Dupré.

Angélil, a famous former singer-turned-manager, received a cassette of Celine Dion when she was 12 years old and urged her to audition in Quebec. He took the youngster and her mother on tour in Canada, Japan, and Europe after taking over her career. In 1981, he took out a mortgage on his home to fund her debut record. When she was twenty years old, Angélil and Dion began a romantic relationship in 1988. Their romance began on April 30, 1988, after Celine won the Eurovision Song Contest.

rene angelil cause of death

They married on December 17, 1994, in a grandiose wedding ceremony shown live on Canadian television at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica.
The couple chose in-vitro fertilization after Angélil was diagnosed with cancer in 1999 and before starting radiation therapy. Their efforts received a lot of attention. René-Charles Angélil, their son, was born on January 25, 2001. Dion had a miscarriage in 2009, but on October 23, 2010, she gave birth to twin sons. Eddy was named after Dion’s first five producers, Eddy Marnay, and Nelson Angélil was named after former South African President Nelson Mandela.
Angélil and Dion were avid fans of the Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey club and were close friends with Pierre Lacroix, the former president, and general manager of the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche.
“Backstage, out of the view of the wider public, they were the sweetest, most down-to-earth, superstars, that I’ve ever known in my whole career,” said Trevor Payne, founder of the Montreal Jubilation Choir.

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Cause of Death for Rene Angelil

Throat cancer

Five years ago, Celine Dion said goodbye to her husband and longtime manager René Angélil. After 21 years of marriage and a continuous battle with throat cancer, René died in their Las Vegas home in January 2016 at the age of 73

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Rene Angelil’s Net Worth

$400 Million

Rene Angelil had a net worth of $400 million at the time of his death. He was a Canadian manager, director, and former performer. Angélil is most known for being the late husband of Celine Dion, a hugely popular singer. Rene was Celine’s manager and producer in addition to being her husband.

He died of cancer on January 14, 2016, at the age of 74, after suffering from a variety of health concerns as a middle-aged man. Dion became the sole owner and president of the management and production firms that the couple had founded together, notably CDA Productions and Les Productions Feeling, after Angélil’s death.