Nova Henry Cause of Death: Personal Life, Childhood ,Education, Net Worth, Relationship!

nova henry cause of death

On July 28th, 1981, Nova Henry was born. As a family member, she was best known. Ryan Henry’s late sister, who was also a tattoo artist, and Eddy Curry’s ex-girlfriend. In Chicago, Nova Henry was born. Patrice Curry was Eddy’s wife before they started dating Henry. Attorney Frederick Goings shot and killed her and her daughter, Ava, in 2009. He was her lawyer in the dispute over Ava’s custody. At the time, they’d been in a brief romantic relationship.


In the 1980s, Nova Henry Was Born. Back in The Day, the ’80s Were All About Big Hair and Large Phones and Pastel Suits and Cabbage Patch Kids and Rubik’s Cubes and The Like. While Conservative Politics and Reaganomics Dominated in The 1980s, the Berlin Wall Fell, New Computer Technology Arose, and MTV and Blockbuster Movies Altered Pop Culture. Find out What Happened on This Day in History.

nova henry cause of death

Nova Henry Is a Member of The So-Called Millennial Generation (also known as Generation Y). Computers, Internet, and Social Media Became Part of Everyday Life for The Millennial Generation. Because They Were Instilled with The Phrase “Follow Your Dreams” and The Belief that They Were Unique, They Are More Accepting and Confident.

Details About Her Death, Reason of Murder

The Discovery of Nova Henry’s Body on January 24, 2009, Was a Very Sad Occasion. Ava, Her 10-Month-Old Daughter, Was Found Dead Alongside Her Mother. She Had Just Turned 27 when She Was Fatally Shot.

Her Ex-Husband, Eddy Curry, Had Chosen Fredrick Goings as His Lawyer for The Custody of Their Daughter, Ava, After Their Divorce. Fredrich, Her Lawyer, Was Later Shown to Have a Romantic Relationship with Her. to End Their Relationship, She Consulted a Divorce Attorney. She Hired a New Lawyer and Was Planning to Challenge the $24,000 in Legal Costs that Goings Had Charged Her.

Nova Henry’s Personal Life

Nova Prior to Her Relationship with Eddy Curry, Henry’s Love Life Was Kept a Secret from The Public.
For All of Henry’s Renown, She Couldn’t Devote More Time to The Razzle-Dazzle of Her Own Personal Life. when She Began Dating Nba Superstar Eddy Curry, Her Fame Skyrocketed. Ava and Noah Were Born to The Couple, Who Were Also Blessed with A Daughter and A Son.

nova henry cause of death

Before Their Breakup, They Were Seen as A Solid Couple. However, After Their Divorce, They Went to Court Over the Incident in Order to Determine Who Would Have Legal Custody of Their Children.
During the Custody Battle Between Henry and Fredrick Goings, Henry Hired Fredrick Goings as Her Lawyer.

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Nova Henry’s Murder

There Are Moments When Your Trusted Confidant Can Betray You, as Henry’s Attorney Did in 2009. when She and Curry Divorced, She Sought the Counsel of Fredrick Goings to Assist Her in The Ensuing Legal Dispute Over Custody of Their Children. but She Had No Idea that Goings Would Go in A Very Different Direction Than She Expected.

Goings Murdered Nova and Her Young Daughter Ava on January 24, 2009. the Two of Them Had Just Turned 27 Years Old, and Ava Was a Mere 10-Months-Old at The Time. Here Is a Cltv News Report About Nova Henry’s Murder:

The Fact that She Had Also Been Seeing Goings and Was Seeking to End Her Relationship with Him Came out Later. Goings May Have Been Prompted when She Tried to Move out With Her Children.
In the end, a Jury Found the Chicago Attorney Guilty of Killing Henry and Her Young Daughter. in Spite of Their Grief, Henry’s Family Was Relieved when Goings Was Given Life in Prison for Her Murder.

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Nova Henry’s Relationship with Eddy Curry

Eddy Curry and Nova Henry Were High School Sweethearts, but Eddy Eventually Married His Wife, Korie Kellogg, and The Two Were No Longer Together. Curry Divorced Kellogg After only Six Months of Marriage. the Relationship Between Curry and Nova Was Revived After His Divorce.

They Had a Deep Bond, and She Frequently Put Her Studies on Hold to Go from Chicago to New York to See Him. Noah Was Born to Nova and Eddy in 2006,

nova henry cause of death

Their First Child Together. Ava Curry, Their Daughter, Was Born in 2008, Just Two Years After the Couple Had Their First.

Nova and Her Family, Which Included a Nba Star Boyfriend and Two Stunning Children, Were Having a Wonderful Time. Nova and Eddy’s Romance, on The Other Hand, Was Fraught with Complication. While Nova Was Five Months Pregnant with Her Firstborn, Eddy Got Engaged to Another Woman Called Francine.

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At the Moment, We Don’t Know Anything About Nova’s Education. Please Check Back Soon for Updates.

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There Is Currently No Information on Nova Henry’s Mother or Father. Nova Henry’s Parents’ Information Will Be Updated on A Regular Basis.