The cause of death of Mike Hagerty was not known at the time of his death.

The cause of death of Mike Hagerty was not known at the time of his death.

Mike Hagerty, who appeared in the TV show Friends and Curb Your Enthusiasm, died at the age of 67.

Bridget Everett, who co-stars with Hegarty in HBO’s Somebody Somewhere, announced his death on Instagram on Friday (6 May).

“The family of Michael G Hagerty confirmed his death in Los Angeles yesterday with deep regret. His love of his city of Chicago, as well as his family, were the pillars of his life,” she added. The reason for death has yet to be revealed.

Mr. Treeger in Friends was Hagerty’s most famous role. He initially appears in “The One Where Heckles Dies,” when Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler were cleaning Mr. Heckles’ flat.

mike hagerty cause of death

Joey’s most well-known appearance on Friends was undoubtedly in “The One With the Ballroom Dancing,” in which he agreed to help Mr. Treeger practice his ballroom dancing in order to placate him after he threatened to evict Monica and Rachel for unlawful subletting.

He also attends Ross’s yoga class, which is disclosed at one point.
Mr. Treeger is the final named character in the whole series, which finished in 2004. Monica urges the gang in “The Last One” to leave their keys with Treeger.

Early Life

On May 10, 1954, Hagerty was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father was a police officer and his family was Irish Catholic. Before entering Marist High School in his hometown, Hagerty finished his elementary education at St. Cajetan grade school. He went on to the University of Illinois in Chicago, where he studied acting.

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After being persuaded to join the improv troupe The Second City by Jim Belushi, Hagerty began performing.

During the 1980s, he went on to co-write and co-star in three revues on the troupe’s main stage (A Retrospective, Orwell That Ends Well, and True Midwest, or No, But I Saw the Movie).

Following that, he began performing in films and television series, beginning in 1983 with Doctor Detroit.

Hagerty was noted for his heavy Chicago accent and mustache.

mike hagerty cause of death

Despite spending most of his career on television, Hagerty had modest roles in a number of films and ended up with over 100 acting credits. Martin, Cheers, The Wayans Bros., Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friends, Seinfeld, and The Wonder Years were among the notable comedies in which he appeared in tiny roles. He also had a recurrent part on The George Carlin Show, which was his first on television. Somebody Somewhere, which he was still filming at the time of his death, was one of his final performing performances.

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Personal life

Until his death, Hagerty was married to Mary Kathryn. They met while working at a tiny theater in Chicago in their early twenties, and he supposedly brought her to Ireland to propose on New Year’s Eve.

On May 5, 2022, Hagerty died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He died at the age of 67 after succumbing to an unidentified disease.

Mike Hagerty’s Cause of Death

According to the source, the Friends actor died at the age of 67. There’s no doubt he had a large fan base and a vast audience, which is why so many people are paying respect to him on social media. Meanwhile, many are curious about the circumstances surrounding his death.

mike hagerty cause of death

However, because there is no formal medical record on his cause of death, we are unable to write about his cause of death at this time. To understand more about him, go to the next section.

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Mike Hagerty died in what manner?

Bridget Everett, a comedian, was the first to break the news of his death. Bridget is a well-known actress from the film Somebody Somewhere. Bridget announced Mike Hagerty’s death on his Instagram account. “It is with great regret that the family of Mike Hagerty announced his death yesterday in LA,” the message says. He was a well-liked artist who would spend the rest of his life devoted to his homeland and its people.”

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Mike Hagerty (Friends) Death Factors

Bridget’s IG room has a post in which she paid respect to the late actor, chevalier. Her Instagram handle is @bridgeteverett, and she has 210K followers. Apart from Bridget, several well-known musicians have already paid him respect on social media. For further information, keep an eye on this page.