Kevin Samuels, who was known for his controversial dating advice on social media, has died, according to TMZ sources.

The image consultant, lifestyle coach, and dating specialist died in Georgia on Thursday.

According to the police report, they spoke with a woman who stated that she met Kevin on Wednesday night and spent the night with him in Atlanta. Kevin began complaining of chest issues on Thursday morning, according to the woman, who is a nurse. She attempted to help him. She contacted 911 and requested a defibrillator from the apartment complex’s front desk after he collapsed on top of her, she told cops.

Kevin recently sparked debate by calling unmarried women over 35 “leftovers,” and the video has gone viral. He’s also been known to embarrass both men and women who seek his relationship advice in public.

Kevin was rushed to Piedmont Hospital, according to the report.

Kevin had a large social media following, with 1.42 million YouTube followers, and his controversial views on dating and relationships frequently sparked debate.

Social Media Murdered Kevin Samuels Before His Death Was Confirmed

Kevin Pyro Obituary and Cause of Death

Kevin Pyro was a well-known YouTuber, Life Coach, Dating Expert, and Social Media Influencer. He rose to fame as a commentator and advisor to men and women, particularly in the African-American community. People are instantly curious to learn more about Kevin Pyro’s personal details after hearing this news today. He recently made headlines after she passed away on May 5, 2022, at the age of 56. It remained unknown what caused his death. People are stunned and saddened by his death, and they share his photos on social media.

Wikipedia’s entry on Kevin Samuels (Profession, Age, Education)

Kevin was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on March 13, 1965. He has been alive for 56 years. Kevin Samuels is an Atlanta, Georgia-based American Youtuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach, and Social Media Influencer. He attended Millwood High School and The University of Oklahoma for his high school and college studies.

Early Life and Career of Kevin Samuels Wiki

From Atlanta, Georgia, he is an American Youtuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach, and Social Media Influencer. He is well-known as a motivational speaker who assists individuals and businesses in regaining their footing. He’s also a fashionista who prefers to dress up in smart suits. Kevin grew to prominence through commenting on and mentoring others, particularly women and people of color.

His YouTube career began in 2016, and his channel was launched on May 20, 2015. Kevin is now a YouTube sensation. He enjoys expressing his thoughts on a variety of topics, including fashion, brand, fragrance, and current affairs.

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Kevin Samuels is a YouTube megastar and well-known influencer, but before that, he dabbled in a variety of businesses and, to no one’s surprise, was always one step ahead of the big-budget competitors. If you want to learn more about Kevin Samuels, read on.

Families of Kevin Samuels (Mother Name, Father Name, Siblings)

Kevin was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on March 13, 1965. Every year on March 13, he celebrates his birthday. As of 2021, Kevin Samuels’ age is 56. The names of his father and mother are not given. So, everyone should continue reading this post and learn about his personal life on this website.

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Kevin stands at 6’2″. He weighs 65 kg and 143 pounds. The dimensions of his body remain unknown.