José Alfredo Jiménez Cause of Death, Biography, Jimenez’s Life Ended at The Age of 47!

José Alfredo Jiménez Cause of Death, Biography, Jimenez’s Life Ended at The Age of 47!

It was on September 29 that José Alfredo Jiménez Jr., the son of the Guanajuato composer of the same name, died.
ANDI communicated the death of interpretation partner José Alfredo Jiménez Jr. through his social media accounts: “The National Association of Interpreters communicates the delicate death of interpreter partner José Alfredo Jiménez Jr..”
Until now, the cause of his death has not been made public. He is a prolific composer and producer whose songs have been performed by some of the biggest names in music. The Board of Directors and the ANDI Oversight Committee extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends. When did José Alfredo Miguel Jiménez Gálvez come into the world? 62 years of age. Guanajuato is where he was born and raised, just like his father.
After earning a degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from New York University, he pursued a career in music production and composition. RCA Victor de México’s International Music Department hired him as an engineer for maintenance. This was his first job in the music industry.

José Alfredo Jiménez Cause of Death

As a Mexican Actor, Jimenez Appeared in A Large Number of Films, and His Songs Were Featured in Many More. After His Death in 1974, It Was Officially Attributed to A Bleeding Ulcer.


He Was Born in The Mexican City of Dolores Hidalgo, in Guanajuato. According to The Vocalist Miguel Aceves Meja Who Found Him in 1948, He Didn’t Even Know the Spanish Name for “waltz” or What “keys” His Songs Were When He First Started Writing Them. Miguel Aceves Meja and A Group of Friends Went to La Sirena, a Restaurant in Santa Maria De La Rivera, for Supper One Day in 1948. Asked by The Clerk: “Don Miguel. as A Necessity, I Work as A Server, but I Also Write Music. Do You Want to Hear a Few? “perhaps You Enjoy Them.” José Alfredo Jiménez Was the Server.

josé alfredo jiménez cause of death
Miguel Requested that He Look for Him at The Radio Station Xew, Where He Was Holding an Audition with The Mariachi Vargas and Rubén Fuentes, Called Amanecer Ranchero. the Following Week, José Alfredo Appeared on The Radio and Began Singing a Capella Song “Ella.” Don Miguel Was Impressed and Agreed to Help Him and Record His Songs if He Needed It. He Made a Record of Everything “Ella Sings “yo,” “serenata Huasteca,” and “Tu Recuerdo Y Yo” Among Other Songs. Songs by José Alfredo Jiménez for The First Time Ever Recorded on Vinyl or Vinyl Records.
From There, He Went on To Write Almost a Thousand Tunes! in Addition to “camino De Guanajuato,” “yo,” “me Equivocó Con Ti” and “ella,” “paloma Querida” and “que Se Me Acabe La Vida” Are Some of The Most Popular “, He Performed a Song Honouring His Native Guanajuato..

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Just how Many Kids Did José Alfredo Jiménez Have?

José Alfredo and Paloma Gálvez Were the Offspring of The Author of “ella” and “caminos De Guanajuato,” Paloma Gálvez, Who Was Married to Him.

josé alfredo jiménez cause of death
After Mary Medel, He Had Four Children, Guadalupe, José Antonio, Martha, and José Alfredo, with Whom He Had a Relationship Later. on November 23, 1973, at The Age of 47, José Alfredo Jiménez Sr. Passed Away from Liver Cirrhosis.

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Ailment or Cause of Death: Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Inflammation of The Liver

Cause of Death: José Alfredo Jiménez

As a Composer, He Is Well Known for His Songs Ella, Cuatro Caminos, La Que Se Fue, and Guitteras De Media Noche, Among Many More. Liver Disease Cirrhosis Was Discovered in 1968 by Jiménez and He Underwent Treatment. in November of 1973,

josé alfredo jiménez cause of death

He Died in A Mexican Hospital After a Long Battle with Cancer. Music Composed by Vicente Fernandez Can Be Found on Numerous Albums.

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How Long Ago Was Jose Alfredo Jimenez’s Life Ended? –

  • On the 23rd of November of That Year
  • On the Day He Died, José Alfredo Jiménez
  • In What Year Did Jose Alfredo Jimenez Die?
  • 47 Years (1926 – 1973).
  • Died at The Age Of: José Alfredo Jiménez

josé alfredo jiménez cause of death

As a Result of Jiménez’s Death at The Age of 47 in Mexico City in 1973, His Songbook Has Become an Important Part of Mexican Culture.

  • José Alfredo Jimenez Was Born in What Year?
  • Tuesday, the 19th of January in The Year 1926
  • The Date and Place of Birth of José Alfredo Jiménez

The Beginnings. He Was Born in Dolores Hidalgo, the Location of Father Miguel Hidalgo’s 1810 Uprising Against Spanish Control in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, on January 19, 1926.