Joe Hailey Cause of Death: Via The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children a Makeup Artist Passed Away!

Joe Hailey Cause of Death

The closing titles of last night’s episode of NCIS featured the words “we will miss you” as a tribute to Joe Hailey. The show’s makeup artist, Hailey, sadly departed away in the spring. His obituary doesn’t say when he died, but it does mention that he was a wonderful, witty, and talented man.

Hailey had a reputation among his coworkers as someone who had the uncanny ability to make you laugh with his stories, anecdotes, and blunders. When Joe uttered jokes that could be inappropriate, he was claimed to have made people laugh rather than offend them.

As a makeup artist, Joe Hailey is said to have maintained a healthy weight throughout his profession, but recently he has been experiencing heart issues. Before he retired, his intention was to see out the 2017-2018 season of NCIS. Then, just three weeks after he finished his employment and was about to embark on a European vacation, his heart stopped.

According to Joe’s obituary, he leaves behind his fiancée Sheri Dickerson and her children Holton, Troy, Sierra, and Blaine. Those who knew Hailey will remember him as a modest and unassuming man who never boasted about his abilities. In 2000, he received an award from the Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards for his work, which he didn’t seek out.

 joe Hailey Cause of Death

Joe Hailey’s death is still a mystery to us. When it comes to describing Joe Hailey’s death, Joe Hailey’s family isn’t in the correct frame of mind. You can rest assured that we will add the facts soon as they become available to us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Joe Hailey’s family, who have been devastated by the loss of their loved one Joe Hailey.

Joe Hailey Cause of Death

Joe Hailey’s death has been confirmed, and we will keep you updated as soon as we learn more about it. All of the deceased’s friends and family members are devastated by his untimely passing. Let us pray for Joe Hailey’s family, that they will have the strength to bear the death of their loved one.

Joe Hailey Death

Currently, our staff is working diligently to determine the exact cause of death for Joe Hailey. Joe Hailey’s death has so far yielded no new information. In any case, you can count on us to give you with the relevant facts as soon as we have them. Let us pray for Joe Hailey’s loved ones and friends who are mourning his passing. Joe Hailey’s cause of death has not been widely reported in the news or in any public announcements as of yet.

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Jojo Hailey’s Net Worth


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Joe Hailey Cause of Death

Their debut full-length album, “Love Always,” was released in 1997 Two small songs came from the album, and “All My Life” was a major hit. An estimated four million copies of “All My Life” were sold as a result. In 1999, they published “It’s Real,” their sophomore effort. Four singles were released from the album, and it was certified platinum. Since then, they’ve released two additional albums in the US and one in Japan. In addition, a best hits collection was issued in 2005. “K-Ci & JoJo Come Clean” was the name of their reality show in 2010 about their battles with alcohol and drug abuse.

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Pleasantville (1998), NCIS (2003), and And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story are just a few of his notable projects (1999).

Joe Hailey Cause of Death


He was born Joseph Charles Hailey on August 21, 1957, in California.