Henry Hill Cause Of Death , Net Worth , Age , Biography, Drug business , More Update !

Henry Hill Cause Of Death , Net Worth , Age , Biography, Drug business , More Update !

Henry Hill Jr. June 11, 1943 – June 12, 2012, was an American mobster who worked for the New York City Lucchese crime family from 1955 until 1980 when he was jailed on drug charges and became an FBI informant. Hill testified against his former Mafia partners, resulting in fifty convictions, including several counts against caporegime (captain) Paul Vario and fellow associate James Burke. He went into the Witness Protection Program after that but was kicked out in the early 1990s.

Hill’s life narrative was chronicled in Nicholas Pileggi’s true-crime novel Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family, which Martin Scorsese transformed into the highly acclaimed 1990 film Goodfellas, in which Hill was played by Ray Liotta.


Birth Day  June 11, 1943
Birth Place  New York
Age 77 year Old
Birth Sign  Gemini

Early Life

Henry Hill Jr. was born in Manhattan, New York City, on June 11, 1943, to Henry Hill Sr., an Irish-American electrician and the son of a coal miner, and Carmela Costa, an Italian immigrant of Sicilian origin.

Hill stated in his book Wiseguy that his father immigrated from Ireland to the United States when he was twelve years old, following the death of Hill’s grandpa.

Henry and his seven other siblings grew up in Brownsville, a working-class area in Brooklyn. Hill was dyslexic and struggled in school as a result.

Hill adored the local mobsters, especially Paul Vario, a caporegime in the Lucchese crime family, who partied at a dispatch cabstand across the street from his home, from an early age.

henry hill cause of death

Hill came into the cabstand in 1955, when he was 11 years old, searching for part-time after-school employment.

Hill began running errands for Vario’s storefront shoeshine, pizza, and cabstand customers while he was in his early teens. In 1956, he met James “Jimmy the Gent,” a legendary hijacker and Lucchese family associate. Hill, who was 13 at the time, worked at a card game and was mesmerized by Burke’s openhanded tipping: “He saw bucking me to death.” There are twenty of us here. There are twenty of them. He was unlike anyone I’d ever met before.”

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Drug business

Burke and Hill were arrested in Tampa, Florida in November 1972 for assaulting Gaspar Ciaccio. Ciaccio was accused of owing Casey Rosado, a union official, a significant gambling debt. They were found guilty of extortion and sentenced to ten years in the Lewisburg Federal Prison. Hill was jailed with Vario, who was serving a term for tax evasion, and many Gambino gang members. Hill met a guy from Pittsburgh at Lewisburg who showed him how to smuggle narcotics into the jail for a price.

Hill was released after four years on July 12, 1978, and continued his criminal career. Even though the Lucchese criminal family, with which they were linked, did not permit any of its members to handle narcotics, he began trafficking in drugs, which Burke later became engaged with. The Lucchese prohibition was created because the jail terms for drug trafficking convictions were so long that the accused would often become informants in exchange for a shorter sentence.

henry hill cause of death

Hill began distributing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and quaaludes through connections he developed while inside, and he made a fortune. Hill was busted by Narcotics Detectives Daniel Mann and William Broder after a teenage mule “ratted” him out. Hill was related to the Lucchese family, was a personal friend of Vario and Burke, and “had definitely been in on the Lufthansa robbery,” according to “The Youngster,” as the police dubbed him. Hill was under observation since the investigators were aware of his activities. They discovered that Hill’s old Pittsburgh jail pal was using a dog grooming company as a front. Although Mann and Broder had “thousands” of wiretaps on Hill, Hill and his gang spoke in code. The odd terminology may be seen in Hill’s wiretap on March 29:

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Henry Hill Jr.’s income and net worth: Henry Hill Jr. is a criminal with a net worth of $180 million. On June 11, 1943, Henry Hill Jr. was born. Former criminal turned informant who inspired the film Goodfellas by testifying against the Lucchese crime family (1990).

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Why wasn’t Goodfellas’ Henry Hill murdered by the mob ?

Martin Scorsese’s famous film was based on his own account of betraying the mafia. But, after years of living in terror of being shot, he succumbed to a heart attack.

Henry Hill passed away – naturally. It’s a disappointing conclusion for the Brooklyn gangster and FBI informant whose life story inspired Martin Scorsese’s iconic film Goodfellas, starring Ray Liotta as Hill. Henry’s death did not go as planned. At the age of 69, he died of heart failure rather than the deadpan wise guy who supposedly awaited every day of his life to wreak retribution for his treachery. He imagined that one day he would open the door to an old acquaintance holding a revolver calmly in his hand. Instead, a scythe-wielding Father Time appeared.

henry hill cause of death

Hill has brought up the revenge-slaying ending in every interview he has given since Scorsese’s film was released in 1990. He said he couldn’t believe he hadn’t been murdered yet to anybody who would listen. After all, he’d blown the whistle on a slew of significant figures, treachery immortalized in a popular movie. Hill’s status and authority were clearly enhanced by the sense of genuine peril. We all expected Hill to die in the icy-cold manner shown in Goodfellas, when Joe Pesci’s mercurial mobster Tommy DeVito is shown into a basement, expecting to be upgraded to “made guy” status, but discovering too late that he is about to be slain (“Oh no…!