Ezekiel Harry Cause of Death: 2-Year-Old Toddler Was Found Dead in Houma on Tuesday He Died of Head Trauma

ezekiel harry cause of death

According to officials, Ezekiel Harry, a 2-year-old who was discovered dead Tuesday evening, died as a result of serious head injuries.

According to HoumaChief of Detectives Travis Theriot, the coroner’s office determined that significant blunt force trauma to the head was the cause of death; however, a toxicology result is still needed before drawing any definitive conclusions.

Police discovered Harry’s body in a garbage can close to Robinson’s registered residence, and they later accused Harry’s mother, Maya Jones, and her boyfriend, Jermaine Robinson, of first-degree murder.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Coleman showed a video showing the pair carrying a black duffel bag, which, according to police, later contained the 2-year-body, old’s which was discovered in a trash can. After being charged with the killing of Ezekiel Harry, the police came under fire on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Authorities Believe Ezekiel Harry Had Apparent Signs of Physical Abuse.

A neighbor reported hearing people yelling earlier at New Orleans-based WWL-TV. Sarah Plaisance, the neighbor, then made a 911 call.

ezekiel harry cause of death

Security footage shows Jones and Robinson leaving their home with a black duffel bag, Plaisance told the station. According to Houma Today, Ezekiel Harry’s mother, Mary Jones, reported him missing on the same day. She said that as she and her four kids were on a stroll, he was taken by someone driving a grey vehicle.

Police Reported.

Jones went to adjacent homes and said that her child had been kidnapped.

ezekiel harry cause of death

A few hours later, the couple entered their home without their bags, as shown on camera. Authorities suspected foul play when they learned that Jones had provided incorrect information, according to a press statement.

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