Etika Cause of Death by Suicide, Medical Examiner Says Dies at 29!

Etika Cause of Death by Suicide, Medical Examiner Says Dies at 29!

According to the NYPD, a gaming YouTuber by the name of Etika was found dead in the East River of New York on Tuesday. he was 29 at the time
It was only last week that popular streamer Amofah vanished from the internet after posting a YouTube video in which he discussed his suicidal thoughts. As a result, the video titled “I’m Sorry” was removed from YouTube’s service. Since then, other users have uploaded it to the platform, but Amofah’s channel still does not have it available.)… His belongings were discovered near the Manhattan Bridge on Tuesday, and his body was later pulled from the East River in Manhattan. New York Post reports that Amofah’s death is categorized as a suicide by drowning.


Amofah’s personal YouTube channel “TR1Iceman” posted a video titled “I’m sorry” at the stroke of midnight on June 20, 2019.

It was revealed in the video that Amofah was suffering from mental health issues and was struggling with the attention he was receiving from streaming, and he apologized for alienating anyone who had been close to him before. Though Amofah’s fans re-posted the video elsewhere, YouTube quickly took it down for violating its Community Guidelines. At 8:36 p.m. ET on June 19, Amofah was last seen commenting “Dope…” in 432hz on a YouTube video for the Travis Scott song “90210.” On the pedestrian walkway of the Manhattan Bridge, Amofah left some of his personal belongings before jumping off and drowning.

etika cause of death

The 22nd of June, according to Amofah’s ex-girlfriend Christine Cardona, was his supposed death date. As soon as her apology video went live, her whereabouts were called into question by members of the New York Police Department (NYPD). Internet personalities and his fans reached out to him while the NYPD launched its search. On the night of June 19, the day after Amofah vanished, his belongings were found on the Manhattan Bridge’s pedestrian walkway. In addition, there was a Nintendo Switch and a laptop bag, wallet, and cell phone.

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On May 12, 1990, Etika was born in the United States. Video game Let’s Plays, Nintendo news updates, trailer reactions, and other reaction videos were all uploaded to Desmond Amofah, a YouTube star with the popular channel network. Twitch and YouTube Gaming are also where he broadcasts. He made a YouTube tribute to Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s founder, following his death. With his first video released four months after he started his YouTube channel in July 2012, A rare Atari game discovered in storage sold for over $33,000, according to the article’s headline!

etika cause of death
Popular Bio lists him as one of YouTube’s top stars. Since his birth on May 12, 1990, he’s become one of the more well-known May 12th birthday celebrities. Since he was born in America, he has become one of the richest YouTube stars. One of the most popular YouTube stars is also his.

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Etika’s Net Worth

Etika’s Current and Previous Year’s Income, Net Worth, and Lifestyle Choices Are All Listed Below. Let’s See, in 2019-2020, how Much Money Etika Has Amassed.
Wikipedia, Forbes, Im Db, and Various Other Online Resources Estimate Etika’s Pre-Death Net Worth at $44 Million According to Their Sources. While Working as An Established YouTube Star, He Was Compensated Handsomely. Originally from The United States,

Relationships with One’s Mother, Father, Brother, And/or Sister

The Birthplace of Daniel Desmond Amofah Is Brooklyn, New York. He Is a Member of The Afro-American Community. Etika’s Father Is Ghanaian Politician Emmanuel Owuraku Amofah.

etika cause of death
Because She Married Owuraku Amofah, Etika’s Mother Was Born in The United States. the Information We Do Have on Etika’s Parents and Siblings Is Sparse for The Time Being. We’ll Let You Know as Soon as Possible.

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Aspirations in The Field of YouTube Video Streaming,

In the Years Preceding 2015, Etika Worked as Both a Model and A Rapper in The Los Angeles Area. Etika Was Not yet Established when He Started a YouTube Channel in 2015.
For Years, He Posted Videos of Himself Doing Everything from Reviewing Products to Live-Streaming Video Game Play. YouTube Took Down Its Official Channel for Violating Its Product Policies and Guidelines.

etika cause of death

Etika World Network Was the Name of His Subsequent Channel. Twitch Is Where He Broadcasts Video Games.
He Posted Reaction Videos to Nintendo Products regularly. Official Channels for Both YouTube and Twitch Were Taken Down in December 2018 Because of Policy Violations.