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darla hood cause of death

She was one of Hollywood’s most beloved young stars. In the ‘Our Gang’ series of short films, the well-known American child actor made a lasting impression. She began learning to sing and dance as a child in Oklahoma, where she was born and reared. Her singing ability helped her land a screen test at the tender age of three. Following a seven-year deal with “Hal Roach Studios,” she was cast in “Our Gang.” Singing and cheeky acting quickly made her a famous series star. Before World War II she formed “Darla Hood and the Enchanters,” a band that played at Ken Murray’s stage show. Hood was also known for his nightclub performances as a solo singer. Some of her best-known songs are ‘I Just Wanna Be Free,’ and ‘Quiet Village.” She has a career as a voice actor for animated films and advertisements. She was also a guest star on a number of television shows. She had two husbands in her life. In 1979, Hood died after undergoing surgery.

Personal Life

In 1949, Hood married insurance salesman Robert W. Decker; in 1957, he married record business executive Jose Granson.

darla hood cause of death

She had three children with Granson. After Granson had a stroke, Tommy “Butch” Bond said that her marriage to him had been difficult due to his wheelchair use.


In the middle of preparing a 1980 Little Rascals reunion for The Sons of the Desert chapter in Los Angeles, Hood had an appendectomy at Canoga Park Hospital. On June 13, 1979, at the age of 47, she died suddenly of heart failure after the treatment. During the operation in which Hood died, she received a blood transfusion, which caused her to develop acute hepatitis.

darla hood cause of death
In the wake of Hood’s death, the Our Gang community was shocked. Billie, another member of the Our Gang “Tom remarked, “I’m sorry to hear it. One of the biggest surprises of my life. She was a lovely lady with a big heart. As children, we had a great time together.” Thomas died a little over a year after that. ” George “Spanky” McFarland, who died in 1985, blamed his death on a shattered heart over Hood.

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American child actress Darla Jean Hood rose to fame as the star of the Our Gang television series, which aired from 1935 to 1941. Claude Hood and Elizabeth Davner gave birth to her in Leedey, Oklahoma, and she is the only child of them.

darla hood cause of death

Her mother taught music and her father worked in banking.

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Our Gang

When Hood was a child, her mother took her to lessons in Oklahoma City, where she learned to sing and dance. Joe Rivkin, the casting director at Hal Roach Studios, set up a screen test for Sophia shortly after her third birthday. For the Our Gang films, he drove her to Culver City from New York City.

darla hood cause of death
In Our Gang, Hood portrayed Darla. Laurel and Hardy cast her as a supporting player in The Bohemian Girl when she was just four years old. Throughout the years 1935 through 1941, she remained a member of Our Gang. As a character, she is known for her coquettishness, and she is most often the love interest of Alfalfa, Butch, or Waldo. “I’m in the mood for love,” from The Pinch Singer, is one of her most cherished performances ever.

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After Our Gang

Hood starred in a few other films when she outgrew her role in Our Gang and went to school in Los Angeles. The Enchanters were a vocal ensemble she and four other high school boys formed while attending Fairfax High School. For Ken Murray’s “Blackouts,” a stage variety show, the quintet was hired soon after graduation. When Murray’s Blackouts were in New York and Hollywood, the group stayed with the band.

darla hood cause of death
Afterward, Hood began performing on her own, both in nightclubs and on television. From 1950 through 1951, she was a regular guest star on The Ken Murray Show. When ventriloquist Edgar Bergen toured in 1955, she was one of his leading ladies. In 1957, she scored a smash single with “I Just Wanna Be Free” and sang a duet with Johnny Desmond in the film Calypso Heat Wave. The Ray Whitaker Orchestra released two songs for RayNote Records, “Only Yours” and “Silent Island.”