Cathal Coughlan Cause of Death Suspicious? Irish Rock Genius Dies at 61!

cathal coughlan cause of death

What was the cause of death for Cathal Coughlan? Tributes pour in for the 61-year-old death of a “influential Cork musician”: Indie rock bands Microdisney and Fatima Mansions have lost a key member with the passing of their frontman, Chris Smith. Sadly, we must inform you of Cathal Coughlan’s passing. Since Cathal Coughlan’s death was confirmed, his fans and followers have been scouring blogs for information on his cause of death and age. We’ve written this piece, however, to help you learn more about the circumstances surrounding the death of Cathal Coughlan. Cathal Coughlan’s family has confirmed this tragic news. A statement from his family was issued to let the world know what had transpired. Cathal Coughlan’s admirers have taken to social media to pay their respects. In this section, we’ve only covered a small portion of the subject. Please proceed to the next section of this news story.


Coughlan was born in the village of Glounthaune, just outside of Cork city, in the late 1970s and became active in the local Cork music scene with Sean O’Hagan in 1980.

After gaining early success in their hometown, they relocated to London, where they recorded for Rough Trade and Virgin Records.

cathal coughlan cause of death

He uses surreal imagery and literary and historical references in his lyrics for Microdisney, which deal primarily with politics and relationships. Coughlan’s voice has been likened to that of Scott Walker, whom he regarded as a major inspiration. O’Hagan and Coughlan went their separate ways in 1988, forming the High Llamas and the Fatima Mansions, respectively.
When Microdisney reunites for the first time since 1984, they perform together across the UK and Ireland. The IMRO/NCH Trailblazer Award, given to “culturally important” Irish albums (in this case, The Clock Comes Down The Stairs from 1985), was given to Coughlan and his bandmates in 2018.

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Cause of Death for Cathal Coughlan

According to Cathal Coughlan’s family, he lived for 61 years before passing away. Cathal, a well-known singer, died at the age of 61. The question is, what happened to Fatima Mansions‘ frontman, and what was the cause of death? We’ve followed the official obituary of the singer, but his family hasn’t explained how he died to us.

cathal coughlan cause of death

After a protracted battle with his illness, they only mentioned that he died peacefully in a hospital room. The following section will provide an in-depth look at his persona and professional accomplishments.

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What Was the Cause of Death for Cathal Coughlan?

After Sean O’Hagan starred in a commercial for him, he became a household name. As a result of his work with the band Microdisney, Cathal Coughlan rose to prominence as a singer and songwriter. In 1980, the band was formed in Cork, Ireland, but they relocated to London and reduced the number of members to five.

cathal coughlan cause of death


For Virgin Records and Rough Trade Records, Cathal Coughlan released five albums: Cathal Coughlan formed the Fatima Mansions band in 1988, the year Microdisney folded. Dimple Discs released Song of Co-Aklan, the singer’s final album, in 2021. Stay tuned for more information.

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What Was Cathal Coughlan’s Name?

It is with great sadness that the family of Cathal Coughlan announces his passing on May 18th, 2022, in a statement released by the family. His death was described as “peaceful” in the statement. The family of Microdisney’s lead singer, who died on May 18, 2022, has released a statement. When Cathal Coughlan died last week, what was his age? In the following section, we’ll reveal the answer.